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Boy name ideas starting with W

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Wade a ford Middle English Boy
Waggoner Wagon Maker German Boy
Wagner wagon driver Dutch Boy
Wakefield wet field Old English Boy
Walchelim Anglo-Norman Boy
Walden mighty Teutonic Boy
Waldo rule Teutonic Boy
Waleran Anglo-Norman Boy
Walker cloth worker Middle English Boy
Wallace Welshman Old English Boy
Walter powerful warrior, rule amry Old German Boy
Walton dweller by the wall Old English Boy
Waman Hindu Boy
Ward to guard Old English Boy
Ware Wary Anglo Saxon Boy
Warner defending army Old German Boy
Warren watchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La Varenne Old German, Middle English, Teutonic, French Boy
Waseem Arabic Boy
Washington from the estate of the wise one Old English Boy
Watson son of Walter Old English Boy
Waverly from the tree-lined meadow Old English Boy
Wayde angel from God Boy
Wayland from the path land Old English Boy
Waylen, Wayland Land Near the Highway Old English Boy
Wayne wagon maker Old English Boy
Webster weaver Old English Boy
Welcome welcome guest English Boy
Wells from the springs Old English Boy
Wendel Wanderer Teutonic Boy
Wendell a wend Teutonic Boy
Werner Warin warrior Teutonic Boy
Wesley west meadow Old English Boy
West Old English Boy
Weston Residence Name Old English Boy
Wetherby ram's meadow Old English Boy
Wheaton wheat town Old English Boy
Wheeler a driver Old English Boy
Whit white Old English Boy
Whitfield from a small field Old English Boy
Whitlaw From the White Hill Old English Boy
Wid Welsh Boy
Wieslav one with great glory Slavic Boy
Wihtred Anglo-Saxon Boy
Wilbur bright resolve Teutonic Boy
Wilfred much peace Old English Boy
Willard bold resolve Teutonic Boy
William valiant protector Teutonic Boy
William, Will Determined Guardian Teutonic Boy
Willis Variant of Will Boy
Willow willow English Boy
Wilmer will famous English Boy
Wilson Son of Will Boy
Winifred friend of peace Old English Both
Winog Breton Boy
Winslow from the friend's hill Old English Boy
Winston joy stone, victory town Old English Boy
Winter winter Old English Both
Winthrop friendly Old English Boy
Wirt Worthy Anglo Saxon Boy
Wolf wolf English Boy
Wolfe A Wolf Teutonic Boy
Wolfgang wolf strife Teutonic Boy
Wolfram wolf raven Teutonic Boy
Woodley Residence Name Old English Boy
Woodrow forester, row of houses by a wood Old English Boy
Woodward Forester Old English Boy
Worthington Residence Name Anglo Saxon Boy
Wren chief Welsh Boy
Wright craftsman, carpenter Old English Boy
Wulfhere Anglo-Saxon Boy
Wulfnoth Anglo-Saxon Boy
Wyatt little warrior, water Old English Boy
Wylie enchanting Old English Boy
Wyman Warrior Anglo Saxon Boy
Wyndam the field with the winding path Old English Boy
Wyndham Residence Name Old English Boy
Wyome plain Native American Boy
Wystan battle stone Anglo-Saxon Boy