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French Baby Naming ideas

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Adora beloved one French Girl
Alavda lark French Girl
Aleron knight armor French Boy
Algernon mustachioed Old French Boy
Amarante flower name French Girl
Ancel diety, servent, divine Helmt Old German, French Boy
Andrew manly, valiant, courageous Greek, French Boy
Angevin angel of wine French Girl
Aramis **** French Boy
Armand of the army French Boy
Audric old and wise rule French Boy
Babette stranger,lovely French Girl
Bailey bailiff, fortification, able French Boy
Bari spear thrower, son of Harry, marksman French Both
Barry spear thrower, son of Harry, Marksman French Boy
Bayard bay horse, red-brown hair Old French, Teutonic Boy
Beau handsome, beautiful French Boy
Beaumont from the beautiful mountain French Boy
Bebe baby French Both
Bedelia strength French Girl
Bellamy handsome friend Old French Boy
Belle beautiful French Girl
Belle, Bella Beautiful French Girl
Berangèr courage of a bear French Girl
Berenger courage of a bear French Boy
Boden herald Old French Boy
Bogart strong as a bow French Boy
Bonamy good friend French Girl
Boswell forested town Old French Boy
Boyce woodland French Boy
Bret Native of Brittany French Boy
Briand castle French Boy
Brie region in France French Girl
Brier heather French Girl
Bruce thicket, woodlands French Boy
Byron from the cottage, bear French Boy
Campbell beautiful field French Boy
Carel strong French Boy
Caresse beloved French Girl
Carissa Tender Touch French Girl
Caron pure French Girl
Carrie, Caroline Song of Joy French Girl
Case chest Old French Boy
Chancellor secretary Old French Boy
Chandler candle maker French Boy
Chanel canal French Girl
Chaney oak-wood Old French Boy
Chantal a song, stony place French Girl
Chapin clergyman Old French Boy
Charlene Small Beauty French Girl
Charlotte petite and feminine French Girl
Chase hunter Old French Boy
Cheney from the oak forest Old French Boy
Cheryl beloved, dear French Girl
Chevalier knight, chase, hunt French Boy
Ciel from heaven French Boy
Corbin raven, black hair Old French Boy
Crescent one who creates Old French Girl
Cyprien cypriot French Girl
Dacio from arcy French Girl
Darell Beloved French Boy
Dartagnan leader French Boy
Deja before French Girl
Delano of the night Old French Boy
Delmar Mariner Old French Boy
Demi half, small French Girl
Destinee destiny French Girl
Destry war horse French Girl
Diamanta like a diamond French Girl
Dominique Belonging to God French Girl
Donatien gift French Boy
Doreen golden French Girl
Dori Golden-Haired French Girl
Drew sturdy, vision Old French, Greek Both
Egil the edge or point, a sting Norwegian, French Boy
Elaine light Old French Girl
Elise Form of Elizabeth French Girl
Elita special one French Girl
Eliza The Chosen Old French, Latin Girl
Elle woman, girl French Girl
Eloise intelligent, smart French Girl
Etienne Estienne, Ettie, Etta French Boy
Fantine childlike French Girl
Fawne young deer Old French, Latin Girl
Faye fairy French Girl
Fayme held in high esteem French Girl
Felicite fortunate French Girl
Flannery sheet of metal, flat land Old French Both
Fleur Flower French-Latin Girl
Forest out of the woods Old French Boy
Foster forest keeper Old French Boy
Frank Free Old French Boy
Franklin free man Old French Boy
Fraser strawberry Old French Boy
Frasier Strawberry French Boy
Gareth gentle; enclosure; watchful Welsh, Norse, Old French Boy
Garland wreath Old French Boy
Gay merry Old French Boy
Gaye Lighthearted French-Teutonic Girl
Gaylord brave strength Old French Boy
Geneva juniper berry Old French Girl
Genevieve white wave French Girl
Germain from Germany; bud French Boy
Ghislaine sweet pledge French Girl
Granville from the big town French Boy
Grosvenor Mighty Huntsman French-Latin Boy
Guy guide; wood or wide French Boy
Hamlin little home-lover French Boy
Harcourt Residence Name French Boy
Iolanthe violet French Girl
Jaimie I love French Girl
Jamari warrior French Girl
Javier January, enlightened French Both
Jean God is gracious French Boy
Jeanne Form of Joan French Girl
Jenay name of a plant French Girl
Jolie pretty, merry French Girl
Lacy place name French Girl
Lance knight's attendant; land Old French, Old German Boy
Laverna Vernal or Springlike Old French Girl
Laverne from the alder grove, spring-like Old French Girl
Leala loyal one French Girl
Leroy the king Old French Boy
Liana vine, to bind; youth French Girl
Linette linnet bird, flaxen Middle French Girl
Linus flaxen-haired Old French Boy
Lionel young lion Old French Boy
Lyle island Old French Boy
Mabel my fair maid; lovely French Girl
Macy from Matthew's land; club Old French, Old English Boy
Magnolia a flower French Girl
Maine French Girl
Mala bad one; meeting hall Old French, Old English Girl
Marcel little hammer French Boy
Margot Variant of Margaret French Girl
Marguerite Pearl French Girl
Marian Form of Mary Old French Girl
Marianne little Mary Old French Girl
Marie Form of Mary French Girl
Marjorie pearl Old French Girl
Marlon little hawk Old French Boy
Marshall keeper of the horses; steward French Boy
Marvelle miracle Old French Girl
Maslin little twin Old French Boy
Mason stoneworker French Boy
Maurice moorish; dark; moor land French Boy
Mercy, Merci Compassionate French-Latin Girl
Michelle Feminine of Michael French Girl
Mignon dainty, petite French Girl
Montague steep mountain French Girl
Montgomery mountain hunter French Boy
Mortimer still water French Boy
Musetta a ballad Old French Girl
Neville from the new farmland Old French Boy
Noel Christmas French Boy
Noella christmas French Girl
Noelle Born on Christmas French Girl
Norman man from the north Old French, Old English Boy
Norris Caretaker Old French-Latin Boy
Odelette Little Song French-Greek Girl
Odetta melody French Girl
Odette happy home French Girl
Odil rich French Boy
Olive kind one; olive tree, peace Old Norse, Latin, Old French Girl
Oliver kind one; olive tree, peace Old Norse, Latin, Old French Boy
Orane rising French Girl
Oriel golden, angel of destiny Old French Girl
Orville from the golden village Old French Boy
Page young attendant French Boy
Pansy thought French Girl
Papillon butterfly French Girl
Pascal born at Easter French Boy
Pascale born at Easter French Girl
Percival pierce the veil Old French Boy
Percival, Percy The Valley-Piercer Old French-Latin Boy
Pierre Form of Peter French Boy
Porter gatekeeper, carrier French Boy
Prewitt valiant one Old French Boy
Purvis provide French Girl
Quennel dweller by the oak tree Old French Boy
Quennell Small Oak French Boy
Questa Searcher French Girl
Quincy estate belonging to Quintus French Boy
Quiterie tranquil French Girl
Raissa thinker; rose Old French, Greek Girl
Rance a kind of Belgian marble French Boy
Ranger dweller in the field Old French Boy
Ray kingly French Boy
Remy from Rheims French Girl
Riva river French Girl
Rochelle from the little rock French Girl
Roslin little red-haired one Old French Girl
Roy regal one, red Old French, Gaelic Boy
Ruby red gem Old French Girl
Rush red-haired French Boy
Russel red-haired; fox-like Old French, Old English Boy
Russell Red French Boy
Sargent officer, to serve Old French Boy
Searlait petitet French Girl
Seaton from Baron's estate; sea town Old French, Old English Boy
Sennett wise one French Girl
Seymour marshy land near the sea; taylor Old French, Old English Boy
Shannelle channel French Girl
Shantay enchanted French Girl
Shantelle French Girl
Sigourney daring king French Girl
Sinclair Saint Clair French Boy
Sinjon Saint John French Boy
Solange rare juwel French Girl
Soleil sun French Girl
Sumner summoner Old French Boy
Sydney from city of St. Denis Old French Girl
Talbot reward Old French Boy
Tayce silence French Girl
Taylar to cut Old French Girl
Telo Old French Boy
Tempest storm Old French Girl
Tenenan Old French Boy
Thibaud Old French Boy
Thosa Old French Boy
Tiffany appearance of God Old French Girl
Tracy path, road French Girl
Travis crossing Old French Boy
Travis, Travers At the Crossing French Boy
Tremeur Old French Boy
Trifine Old French Girl
Troilus place name French Boy
Troy place name French Girl
Tudi Old French Boy
Tugdual Old French Boy
Tujan Old French Boy
Turiau Old French Boy
Tyson son of a German, son of Ty Old French Boy
Ursanne Old French Girl
Vachel cow tender French Boy
Vail from the valley Old French Girl
Valeray valor, strong Old French, Latin Boy
Valerie valor, strong Old French, Latin Girl
Vallis From Wales French Boy
Varden from the green hill Old French Boy
Vardon Green Knoll French Boy
Varocher French Boy
Vedette Watch Tower Old French Girl
Vere French Boy
Verney Alder Grove French Boy
Vernon alder tree, springlike French Boy
Verrin Old French Girl
Vinvella French Girl
Voletta The Veiled Old French Girl
Warren watchman, game keeper, enclosure, from La Varenne Old German, Middle English, Teutonic, French Boy
Yannick French Boy
Yvonne Young Archer French Girl