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Girls name ideas starting with A

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger Hebrew, Arabic Boy
Aasia Hindu Girl
Aba born on Thursday African Girl
Abbott father Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew Boy
Abbra example, lesson Girl
Abby head of a monastery Latin Girl
Abdel servent Arabic Boy
Abdiel servent of god Hebrew Boy
Abdieso Persian Boy
Abdul Servant of Arabic Boy
Abejundio relating to the abaje (bee) Spanish Boy
Abel breath, child Hebrew, Assyrian Boy
Abelard resolute, keeper of the abbey larder Old German, Middle English Boy
Abella child Assyrian Girl
Abeni Girl prayed for African Girl
Abenzio Celtic Boy
Abercio Latin Boy
Abey leaf Native American Girl
Abha lustrous beauty Hindu Girl
Abhay a son of Dharma Hindu Boy
Abhi Hindu Boy
Abhijit a constellation dear to Hari Hindu Boy
Abhilasha Hindu Girl
Abhinav Hindu Boy
Abhishek Hindu Boy
Abia Great Arabic Girl
Abiba child born after grandmother died African Girl
Abie father or mother of many Hebrew Both
Abigail head of a monastery, a father's joy Latin Girl
Abijah The Lord is my father Hebrew Boy
Abina born on a tuesday Ghanese Girl
Abiona born on a journey Yoruban Girl
Abira strong Hebrew Girl
Abner father of light Hebrew Boy
Abra father of a multitude Hebrew Girl
Abraham father of a multitude Hebrew Boy
Abram Exalted Father Hebrew Boy
Abrasha father Hebrew Boy
Abudemio Assyrian Boy
Abundiantus plentiful Latin Boy
Acacia thorny, naive Greek Girl
Acacio the Lord holds Hebrew Boy
Acadia Cadie, Caddie Canadian Girl
Acanit hard times Ugandan Girl
Acantha thorny Greek Girl
Acario ungrateful Latin Boy
Accalia foster mother of Romulus and Remus Latin Girl
Accursius to hasten Latin Boy
Ace unity, one, first rate Latin Boy
Acedia Czech Girl
Acelin noble Teutonic Girl
Achal steady, mountainous Hindu Girl
Achazia the Lord holds Hebrew Girl
Achen a twin Ugandan Girl
Achilles without lips, brown, dark Greek Boy
Achit Hindu Girl
Achlys mist, darknesss Greek Girl
Achyuta a name of Vishnu Hindu Boy
Ackley meadow of oaks Old English Boy
Acton town with many oaks Old English Boy
Acuzio sharp Latin Boy
Ada happy, ornament Teutonic, Hebrew Girl
Adah beautiful addition unknown Girl
Adair noble, exalted, oak-tree ford Gaelic Boy
Adal Noble Teutonic Boy
Adalardo noble Celtic Boy
Adalgisa noble hostage Old German Girl
Adalgiso noble hostage Old German Boy
Adalia refuge of God, just, noble one Hebrew, Arabic, German Girl
Adalrico noble, powerful and rich Latin Boy
Adam earth, created by God Hebrew Boy
Adamina dauggher of the earth Hebrew Girl
Adara beauty, virgin Greek, Arabic Girl
Addai man of god Hebrew Boy
Addie joyful, kind Girl
Addison Adam's son Old English Boy
Addisyn Girl
Addo happy, ornament Teutonic, Hebrew Boy
Adeben twelfth-born son Ghanese Boy
Adelaide noble kind, adorned Hebrew, Latin Girl
Adelais noble Latin Boy
Adelbert famous for nobility Old German Boy
Adelfried who protects the descendants Old German Boy
Adelina noble Old German Girl
Adelino noble Old German Boy
Adelmo noble protector Old German Boy
Adelphos brother Greek Boy
Ademaro glorious in battle Old German Boy
Ademia without husband Greek Girl
Adena delicate, sensual Hebrew Girl
Adeodatus given by God Latin Boy
Aderes one who protects Hebrew Girl
Adesina the way is opened for more Yoruban Girl
Adhira lightning Hindu Girl
Adiana the night's falling reveals the angels' beauty American Girl
Adie ornament Hebrew Girl
Adina voluptous Hebrew Girl
Adine Delicate Hebrew Girl
Adiran of the adriatic Latin Boy
Adishree exalted Hindu Girl
Aditi free and unbounded Hindu Girl
Aditya lord of the sun Hindu Boy
Adiva pleasant, gentle Arabic Girl
Adlai my witness, refuge of god Hebrew Boy
Adler eagle German Boy
Adley just Hebrew Boy
Admes Greek Boy
Admon red peony Hebrew Boy
Adolf Noble Wolf Teutonic Boy
Adolfina noble wolf, noble hero German Girl
Adolph noble wolf, noble hero German Boy
Adon lord Hebrew Boy
Adona Girl
Adoncia sweet Spanish Girl
Adonia beautiful Greek Girl
Adonis man loved by aphrodite, handsome Greek Boy
Adony Hungarian Boy
Adora beloved one French Girl
Adrastos undaunted Greek Boy
Adria, Adrienne Feminine of Adrian Girl
Adrian rich, wealthy, dark one Greek, Latin Boy
Adriel beaver, symbol of skill Native American Boy
Adrienne rich, wealthy, dark one Greek, Latin Girl
Aeneas worthy of praise Greek Boy
Aeryn Girl
Aetos eagle Greek Boy
Afina blueberry Rumanian Girl
Afra from Africa Latin Girl
Africa pleasing, pleasant Celtic Girl
Afro from Africa Latin Boy
Afton river name Old English Girl
Agabo Hebrew Boy
Agape love of the next Greek Both
Agatha good, kind Greek Girl
Agatone good, kind Greek Boy
Aglaia wisdom, glory Greek Girl
Agnes lamb, pure, chaste Latin Girl
Agneta pure Greek, Germanic Girl
Ahab uncle Hebrew Boy
Ahava name of a river, love Hebrew Girl
Ahearn lord of the horses Celtic Boy
Ahimsa nonviolent virtue Hindu Girl
Ahmik strength of gods flock Hebrew Boy
Ahren eagle Old German Boy
Ai love Japanese Girl
Aida joyful, helper, reward Old English Girl
Aidan help, little fire Middle English, Gaelic Boy
Aiden Fire Gaelic Boy
Aiesha Woman Arabic Girl
Aijah Girl
Aiken sturdy, oaken Anglo-Saxon Boy
Aiko beloved one, little love Japanese Girl
Aila light-bearer Finnish Girl
Aileen light, green meadow Greek, Celtic Girl
Ailen made of oak Old English Boy
Ailsa concecrated to god Hebrew Girl
Aimee beloved, liked Latin Girl
Aimery industrious ruler Teutonic Boy
Ain precious, eye Arabic Girl
Aina complicated delivery Yoruban Girl
Aine joy Celtic Girl
Ainhoa reference to virgin mary Basque Girl
Ainsley my meadow Scottish Girl
Aintzane glorious Basque Girl
Airlia ethereal Greek Girl
Aislinn a dream, vision, inspiration Celtic Girl
Aissa grateful African Girl
Aitan fights of possession Hebrew, African Boy
Aithne little fire Celtic Girl
Aiyana eternal bllom Native American Girl
Aja Girl
Ajatashatru a name of Vishnu Hindu Boy
Ajax Eagle Greek Boy
Ajay unconquerable, god Hindu Girl
Ajayi born face-down Yoruban, Nigerian Boy
Ajit Hindu Boy
Ajitabh Hindu Boy
Akaash sky Hindu Boy
Akaisha the akaisha flower Irish Girl
Akako red Japanese Girl
Akando ambush Native American Boy
Akanke to know her is to love her Nigerian Girl
Akanksha Hindu Girl
Akasma white climbing-rose Turkish Girl
Akela noble Hawaiian Girl
Akello I have bought Ugandan Boy
Akil intelligent, logical Arabic Boy
Akilah intelligent, logical Arabic Girl
Akili wisdom Tanzanian Girl
Akilina eagle Latin Girl
Akina spring flower Japanese Girl
Akira anchor Scottish, Japanese Both
Akiva protect Hebrew Girl
Akriti Hindu Girl
Aksana Russian Girl
Akshay name of a God Hindu Boy
Akshita Hindu Girl
Akuti princess Hindu Girl
Alake one petted Yoruban Girl
Alala war goddess Greek Girl
Alan handsome, cheerful, noble Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Alana fair, beautiful, offering Gaelic, Hawaiian Girl
Aland bright as the sun English Boy
Alankrita Hindu Girl
Alanna Fair Celtic Girl
Alaqua sweet-gum tree Native American Girl
Alaric noble ruler Old German Boy
Alarice Ruler of All Teutonic Girl
Alastair protector of mankind, defender, helper Scottish Boy
Alavda lark French Girl
Alazne miracle Basque Girl
Alban white, fair Latin Boy
Albern Of Noble Valor Teutonic Boy
Albert noble and bright German Boy
Alberta noble and brigt German Girl
Albinka blond Latin Girl
Albion blond Latin Boy
Alcander strong Greek Boy
Alcina strongminded Greek Girl
Alcott old cottage Old English Boy
Alda long lived unknown Girl
Aldea rich Teutonic Girl
Alden antique, old, wise protector, old friend Middle, Old English Boy
Alder birch tree, revered one Middle, Old English Boy
Aldercy a chief Old English Girl
Aldis From the Old House Old English Boy
Aldora Winged Gift Greek Girl
Aldous old wealthy Old German Boy
Aldrich old king Old English Boy
Alena pretty, light Greek, Slavic Girl
Aleron knight armor French Boy
Aleser lion Arabic Boy
Aleshanee She plays all the time Native American Girl
Alesti Girl
Aleta Bird-Like Latin Girl
Alethea truthful one Greek Girl
Alexander protector of mankind Greek Boy
Alexandra Helper of Mankind Greek Girl
Alexavia Girl
Alfred wise counsel Old English Boy
Alfreda Supernaturally Wise Teutonic Girl
Alger noble warrior Old German Boy
Algernon mustachioed Old French Boy
Algren unknown Boy
Ali God, little, the highest Arabic, Native American Boy
Alice noble, truth Old German, Greek Girl
Alida beautiful dressed, small winged one Greek, Latin Girl
Alike girl who drives out beautiful women Nigerian Girl
Alim wise, learned Arabic Boy
Alima wise, learned Arabic Girl
Alina bright, beautiful Polish Girl
Alisa Variant of Alice Girl
Alison Of Sacred Fame Teutonic Girl
Alita noble Spanish Girl
Aliz kind Hungarian Girl
Aliza joyous Hebrew Girl
Alka Hindu Girl
Allard noble and brave Old English Boy
Allayna Girl
Allegra brisk and cheerful, full of energy Latin Girl
Alma soul, nourishing Latin Girl
Almeta Ambitious Latin Girl
Almira Princess Arabic Girl
Alodie wealthy Anglo-Saxon Girl
Alok Hindu Boy
Alona oak tree Native American Girl
Aloysia famous in war Teutonic Girl
Aloysius Famous in War Teutonic Boy
Alpa Hindu Girl
Alphonse noble estate, eager Old German Boy
Alroy Royal Latin Boy
Alston from the old manor Anglo-Saxon Boy
Altair bird, star Arabic, Greek Both
Althea healer, wholesome Greek Girl
Alula winged one Latin Girl
Alumit secret Hebrew Girl
Alva fair, complected unknown Girl
Alvin elf wine, noble friend Old English Boy
Alvina Beloved by All Teutonic Girl
Alvita annointed Latin Girl
Alysa princess Greek Girl
Alysia Captivating Greek Girl
Alyssa logical Greek Girl
Alzena the woman Arabic Girl
Amabel lovable Latin Girl
Amabelle Loveable Latin Girl
Amadeus love of god Latin Boy
Amadi general rejoicing, seemed destined to die at Nigerian Both
Amadika beloved Southern Rhodesian Girl
Amadis love of god Latin Girl
Amado loving deity Latin Boy
Amador lover Spanish Boy
Amaia end Basque Girl
Amal bright, clean, pure; hope, wish, dream Hindu Both
Amana faithful unknown Girl
Amanda love, worthy of love, precious thing Latin Girl
Amandeep light of peace Hindu Girl
Amandine beloved Latin Girl
Amar forever Hindu Boy
Amara bitter, eternal, immortal, steadfast, beloved Esperanto, German Girl
Amarante flower name French Girl
Amaris Child of the moon English Girl
Amaryllis Fresh, Sparkling Greek Girl
Amata beloved Spanish Girl
Amato beloved Spanish Boy
Amaya Girl
Ambar sky Hindu Girl
Amber yellow-brown, precious jewel Arabic Girl
Amberjill Old English Girl
Amberley the sky Hindu Girl
Ambika goddess of destruction Hindu Girl
Ambria Girl
Ambrose immortal Greek Girl
Ambrosine Immortal Greek Girl
Amdis immortal Latin Girl
Ameerah princess Arabic Girl
Amelia flatterer, work of the Lord, beloved Latin Girl
Amena honest woman unknown Girl
Amery Industrious Teutonic Boy
Ames loves Latin Girl
Amethyst a precious stone Greek Girl
Amherst place name English Boy
Ami friend Japanese Girl
Amiel god of my people Hebrew Boy
Amina peace, security Muslim Girl
Aminta protectress Latin Girl
Amir prince Arabic Boy
Amisha Hindu Girl
Amissa friend Hebrew Girl
Amistad friendship Spanish Boy
Amit endless Hindu Boy
Amita without limits Hindu Girl
Amitabh Hindu Boy
Amitava Hindu Boy
Amitola rainbow Native American Girl
Amity friendship Latin Girl
Amoke to pet her Yoruban Girl
Amol Hindu Boy
Amon the hidden Celtic, Egyptian Boy
Amorette Little Love Latin Girl
Amorita Beloved Latin Girl
Amory loving Latin Both
Amos troubled Hebrew Boy
Amrit nectar Hindu Boy
Amrita immortality Hindu Girl
Amsden from the ambroses valley Old English Boy
Amul Hindu Boy
Amulya priceless Hindu Boy
Amy beloved Latin Girl
An peace Chinese Girl
Ana cave Girl
Anabelle Lovable Latin Girl
Anahid Goddess of the Moon Armenian Girl
Anais graceful unknown Girl
Anamika Hindu Girl
Anan clouds Arabic Girl
Anand bliss, happiness Hindu Boy
Anani orange tree Hawaiian Girl
Anant Hindu Boy
Anar Hindu Girl
Anastasia resurrection Greek Girl
Anatole from the East Greek Boy
Anay Hindu Boy
Anaya Latin Girl
Ancel diety, servent, divine Helmt Old German, French Boy
Ancelin handmaiden Latin Girl
Anderson Son of Andrew unknown Boy
Andras breath Norwegian Girl
Andraya trusted by God, royalty Girl
Andrea Feminine of Andrew Girl
Andreana womanly Latin Girl
Andreus son of river peneius Greek Boy
Andrew manly, valiant, courageous Greek, French Boy
Andria love, joy Italian Girl
Andromeda beautiful maiden rescued by perseus Greek Girl
Anemone breath, windflower Greek Girl
Aneya Girl
Anezka pure Czech Girl
Ang Swedish Boy
Angada a son of Lakshmana Hindu Boy
Angela heavenly messenger Greek Girl
Angelica Italian form of Angela Girl
Angell Messenger Greek Boy
Angelo heavenly messenger Greek Boy
Angeni spirit angel Native American Girl
Angevin angel of wine French Girl
Angus superb, unique Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Anieli manly Greek Boy
Anika very beautiful, graceful Hindu Girl
Anil Hindu Boy
Anirudhh Hindu Boy
Anisa friendly Arabic Girl
Anish Hindu Boy
Aniston Boy
Anita Hindu Girl
Anja Girl
Anjali Hindu Girl
Anjana Hindu Girl
Anjuman a party place (mehfil) Hindu Boy
Ankareeda night star, graceful, shining Girl
Anke grace Hebrew Girl
Anker manly Greek Boy
Ankit Hindu Boy
Ankita Hindu Girl
Ankur Hindu Boy
Ann, Anne Grace, Mercy Hebrew Girl
Annabelle Joy Celtic Girl
Annabeth unknown Girl
Annalynn Girl
Annapurna one of the Hindu Goddesses Hindu Girl
Anne gracious Hebrew Girl
Annette Variant of Anne Girl
Anniruddha son of Pradyummna Hindu Boy
Annora honor Latin Girl
Anoki an actor Native American Boy
Anoop incomparable, the best Hindu Boy
Anoush sweet Armenian Girl
Ansel Divine Helmet Teutonic Boy
Anshu Hindu Girl
Anshul Hindu Boy
Anshuman Hindu Boy
Ansley from the pastureland of the noble Old English Boy
Anson son of a nobleman, son of Ann or Hans Anglo-Saxon Boy
Antal prince Latin Boy
Anteia wife of sea-god proteus Greek Girl
Anthea lady of flowers Greek Girl
Anthony priceless, flourishing, flower Latin Boy
Antje grace German Girl
Antoinette Beyond Praise Latin Girl
Antonia priceless, flourishing, flower Latin Girl
Anu Hindu Girl
Anupama Hindu Girl
Anuradha a bright star Hindu Girl
Anusree pretty Hindu Girl
Anvita Hindu Girl
Aolani Cloud from Heaven Hindu Girl
Apara one who comes and goes Yoruban Girl
Aparajita Hindu Girl
Aparna same as Parvati Hindu Girl
Aphrodite Goddess of Love Greek Girl
Apirka pleasant Gaelic Girl
Apolline sunshine, warmth and strength Greek Girl
Apollo Manly Beauty Greek Boy
Aponi butterfly Native American Girl
Apostolos Greek Boy
April blooming, opening Latin Girl
Aquene peace Native American Girl
Ara Eagle Maid Teutonic Girl
Arabelle beautiful eagle German Girl
Araceli alter of heaven Latin Girl
Aram high place Assyrian Boy
Araminta lofty Hebrew Girl
Aramis **** French Boy
Arana moon Australian Aboriginal Girl
Arashel strong and protected hill Hebrew Girl
Araxie river said to inspire poetic expression Armenian Girl
Arcadia adventurous Spanish Girl
Archer the archer Teutonic Boy
Archibald bold prince Anglo-Saxon Boy
Arda Armenian Girl
Ardelia zealous Latin Girl
Ardelis Industrious Latin Girl
Ardelle, Ardella Industrious Latin Girl
Arden passionate, eagle valley Latin Both
Ardere fire Latin Girl
Ardis fervent Latin Girl
Ardon bronze Hebrew Boy
Arella angel messenger Hebrew Girl
Aren eagle Nigerian Boy
Ares god of war Greek Boy
Aretha the best, nymph Greek Girl
Aretina virtous Greek Girl
Argus bright, watchful Greek Boy
Ari lion Hebrew Boy
Aria beautiful melody Latin Girl
Ariadne melody, very holy one Greek, Latin Girl
Ariana Silvery Welsh Girl
Aricia princess of the royal blood of Athens Greek Girl
Aricin the eternal kings son Norwegian Boy
Ariel lioness of god Hebrew Girl
Ariella Lion of God Hebrew Girl
Ariene silvery Welsh Girl
Arilda Hearth, Home Teutonic Girl
Arion musician Greek Boy
Arista harvest Latin Girl
Aristo best Greek Boy
Arjun one of the Pandavas Hindu Boy
Arkin the eternal king's son Norwegian Boy
Arland pledge Celtic Boy
Arleen A Pledge Celtic Girl
Arlen Pledge Gaelic Boy
Arlene pledge Celtic Girl
Arley the bowman Latin Boy
Arlo hill unknown Boy
Armand of the army French Boy
Armen Armenian Armenian Boy
Armilla A Bracelet Latin Girl
Armina of a high degree Latin Girl
Armon castle Hebrew Boy
Arnisha Girl
Arnold eagle, powerful German Boy
Arnon rushing stream Hebrew Boy
Aroha love Maori Girl
Arpiar sunny Armenian Boy
Arsen strong Greek Boy
Arsenio manly, virile Greek Boy
Artemis moon Greek Boy
Artemisia belonging to artemis Greek Girl
Arthur noble, follower of Thor Celtic Boy
Arthus bear hero, a rock Welsh Boy
Arti Hindu Girl
Arun Hindu Boy
Aruna radiance Hindu Girl
Arushi Hindu Girl
Arvel Wept Over Welsh Boy
Arvind Hindu Boy
Arwin young, prince Boy
Arziki prosperity African Girl
Asa healer Hebrew Girl
Aseem Hindu Boy
Asenette Hebrew Girl
Asenka graceful Hebrew Girl
Asha hope, life Hindu Girl
Ashamed Hebrew Girl
Asher fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy Hebrew Boy
Ashima Hindu Girl
Ashish blessings Hindu Boy
Ashley ash-tree Old English Girl
Ashok Hindu Boy
Ashon seventh-born son Ghanese Boy
Ashrita Hindu Girl
Ashton Both
Ashutosh Hindu Boy
Ashwin strong horse Hindu Boy
Ashwini Hindu Boy
Asia East Greek Girl
Asija a great sage, brother of Brihaspati Hindu Boy
Asisa ripe Hebrew Girl
Askini daughter of Prajapati Virat Hindu Girl
Asmita pride Hindu Girl
Asparouh Bulgarian Boy
Aspasia welcomed Greek Girl
Aspen Girl
Astera flower name Hebrew Girl
Astin strong Leader, trustworthy unknown Boy
Astley star unknown Both
Astra like a star Greek Girl
Astrid star, super strength, divine strength Greek, Old Norse Girl
Asuman lord of vital breaths Hindu Boy
Asvathama sun of drona Hindu Boy
Asvin (Nasatya and Dasra) gods of medicine Hindu Boy
Asztrik made from ashenwood Hungarian Boy
Atara a crown Hebrew Girl
Athalia God is exalted, the lord is mighty Hindu Girl
Athan immortal Greek Boy
Atharvan knower of the Arthara vedas Hindu Boy
Athena goddess of wisdom Greek Girl
Atherol dweller at the spring farm Old English Boy
Athol place name Scottish Boy
Atifa affection Arabic Girl
Atilla beloved father Hungarian Boy
Atmaja daughter Hindu Girl
Atmajyoti light of Atma Hindu Boy
Atman the self Hindu Boy
Atrayl Boy
Atrus Boy
Attis handsome boy Greek Boy
Atul Hindu Boy
Atulya Hindu Boy
Atwater From the Waterside Old English Boy
Atwood Forest Dweller Old English Boy
Aubrey elf rule German Girl
Auburn fair Latin Boy
Audlin Girl
Audora Girl
Audrey noble strength Old English Girl
Audric old and wise rule French Boy
Audun deserted Norwegian Both
August Exalted Latin Boy
Augusta The Exalted, Sacred Latin Girl
Augustus exalted Latin Boy
Aundy new prosperity Norwegian Girl
Aure breeze, soft-air Greek Girl
Aurek golden-haired Polish Boy
Aurelia gold Latin Girl
Aurelio gold Latin Boy
Aurkene presentation Basque Girl
Aurora dawn Latin Girl
Ausiana Girl
Austin Helpful Latin Boy
Austine The Exalted Latin Girl
Autumn autumn Latin Girl
Ava a bird German Girl
Avalon island unknown Boy
Avani Hindu Girl
Avanti ancient Malwa Hindu Girl
Avantika Hindu Girl
Avasa independent Hindu Girl
Avena oats English Girl
Aveolela rays of the sun Samoan Girl
Averill boar-warrior Old English Boy
Avery ruler of the elves Anglo-Saxon Both
Avinash Hindu Boy
Avis A Bird Latin Girl
Aviva springtime Hebrew Girl
Axel divine reward; divine source of life Hebrew, Swedish Boy
Axelia protector of mankind Greek Girl
Ayala gazelle, goat Hebrew Girl
Ayame Iris Japanese Girl
Ayasha muhammads wife Muslim Girl
Ayelin Girl
Ayiana eternal bllom American Indian Girl
Ayita worker Native American Girl
Ayla oak tree Hebrew Girl
Ayme Girl
Ayse Turkish Girl
Ayseg├╝l Turkish Girl
Ayush Hindu Boy
Ayushi Hindu Girl
Ayushmati person who has a long life Hindu Girl
Azadeh dry earth; detached, free of material things Latin Girl
Azalea Democracy Arabic Girl
Azalia spared by jehovah Hebrew Girl
Aziza precious Swahili, Turkish Girl
Azland Girl
Azrael Girl
Azura sky-blue Persian Girl