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Girl name ideas starting with M

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Maarten fondness of war Dutch Boy
Mab joy Gaelic Girl
Mabel my fair maid; lovely French Girl
Mablevi do not deceive African Boy
Mac son of Scottish, Irish, English Boy
Macaria daughter of Hercules and Deianara Greek Girl
Macauley Righteous Scottish Boy
Mace aromatic spice Latin Boy
Machi ten thousand Japanese Girl
Machiko child of Machi Japanese Girl
Mackenzie son of the wise leader Gaelic Boy
Macnair Son of the Heir Gaelic Boy
Macon to make Middle English Boy
Macy from Matthew's land; club Old French, Old English Boy
Madan Hindu Boy
Maddock champion, good fortune Old Welsh Boy
Maddox Beneficient Celtic Boy
Madeira sweet wine Spanish Girl
Madeline woman from Magdala, one who is elevated, a high tower Hebrew Girl
Madge A Pearl Greek Girl
Madhav Krishna Hindu Boy
Madhavi Hindu Girl
Madhu honey Hindu Girl
Madhul Hindu Girl
Madhulika Hindu Girl
Madhur sweet Hindu Girl
Madhuri Hindu Girl
Madhusudhana Krishna Hindu Boy
Madison son of a mighty warrior; son of Maud German Both
Madra mother Spanish Girl
Maeve goddess; a purple flower Greek, Latin Girl
Magan power Teutonic Girl
Magara child of constantly cries Rhodesian Girl
Magda high tower one who is elevated Hebrew Girl
Magdalene A Tower Hebrew Girl
Magena the coming moon; a covering, protection Native American, Hebrew Girl
Maggie A Pearl Greek Girl
Magna large Latin Girl
Magne fierce warrior Norse Boy
Magnolia a flower French Girl
Magnus large; the great Latin Boy
Mahabala strength Hindu Boy
Mahala woman; tenderness; marrow Native American, Hebrew, Arabic Girl
Mahalia affection Hebrew Girl
Mahavira son of Priyavrata Hindu Boy
Mahesh Hindu Boy
Mahima Hindu Girl
Mahita Hindu Girl
Mai brightness; coyote Japanese, Native American Girl
Maia nurse, mother, goddess of spring; great Greek, Latin Girl
Maida a maiden Old English Girl
Maiko child of Mai Japanese Girl
Maine French Girl
Maisie child of light Scottish Girl
Maitane beloved Old English Girl
Maitland dweller in the meadow Old English Boy
Maitreya disciple of sage Parasara Hindu Boy
Maitryi friendship Hindu Girl
Maizah discerning African Girl
Maj pearl Swedish Girl
Majondra Girl
Major greater Latin Boy
Makayla -
Makepeace peace maker Old English Boy
Makiko child of Maki Japanese Girl
Mala bad one; meeting hall Old French, Old English Girl
Malachi messenger of God Hebrew Boy
Malati small fragrant flower Hindu Girl
Malavika Hindu Girl
Malaya free Filipino Girl
Malca queen Hebrew Girl
Malcolm Royal Blood Scottish Boy
Malcom disciple of Saint Columbia Scottish Boy
Maleah unique little girl, beautiful young woman unknown Girl
Mali smart, funny, lucky Girl
Maliha strong, beautiful Hindu Girl
Malik master Arabic Boy
Malika queen, princess African Girl
Malila salmon going fast upstream Miwok Indian Girl
Malina tower, dark Hebrew, Hindu Girl
Malka queen Hebrew Girl
Mallika Hindu Girl
Mallory army counseler, without good fortune Old German Girl
Malu peacefulness Hawaiian Girl
Malva Soft Greek Girl
Malvin, Melvin Servant Celtic Boy
Malvina smooth snow Gaelic Girl
Mamiko child of Mami Japanese Girl
Mamoru earth Japanese Boy
Mamta mother's love for child, wife of sage Asija Hindu Girl
Manasi Hindu Girl
Manavendra Hindu Boy
Manavi Hindu Girl
Manco king Peruvian Boy
Manda lovable, harmony; saturn, god of the occult Latin Girl
Mandara mythical tree Hindu Girl
Mandeep light of heart Hindu Girl
Mandek army man Polish Boy
Mander from me English Boy
Mandhatri prince Hindu Boy
Mandisa sweet African Girl
Mandy Harmony Spanish Girl
Manfred man of peace Old German Boy
Mangena melody Hebrew Girl
Manhattan Whiskey Old English Girl
Manik Hindu Boy
Manish Hindu Boy
Manisha sharp intellect, genius, sagacity Hindu Girl
Manjari Hindu Girl
Manju Hindu Girl
Manjula Hindu Girl
Manjusha a box of jewels Sanskrit Girl
Manley man of the meadow Old English Boy
Manning son of the hero Old English Boy
Mannix munk Celtic Boy
Manoj Hindu Boy
Mansi plucked flower Hopi Indian Girl
Mansukh Hindu Boy
Mansur divinely aided Arabic Boy
Manu Hindu Boy
Manuel God is with us Spanish Boy
Manuela God is with us Spanish Girl
Manushi Hindu Girl
Mara Sorrowful Hebrew Girl
Marcel little hammer French Boy
Marcella God of war; little hammer Latin Girl
Marcia martial Latin Girl
Marcin warlike Polish Boy
Marcus Warlike Latin Boy
Marden from the valley with the pool Old English Boy
Maren sea Latin Girl
Margaret child of light; pearl Persian, Latin Girl
Margot Variant of Margaret French Girl
Marguerite Pearl French Girl
Maria bitter Hebrew Girl
Mariabella my beautiful Mary Italian Girl
Mariam wife of Herod Greek Girl
Marian Form of Mary Old French Girl
Marianne little Mary Old French Girl
Mariasha perfect one; bitter, with sorrow Egyptian, Hebrew Girl
Maribel Mary the Beautiful Hebrew-Latin Girl
Maricel full of grace Latin Girl
Maridel bitter Hebrew Girl
Marie Form of Mary French Girl
Mariel bitter Hebrew Girl
Marigold a flower Greek Girl
Marijan Slowenian Boy
Mariko child of Mari Japanese Girl
Marilee bitterness Greek Girl
Marilyn bitter Hebrew Girl
Marina sea maiden Russian Girl
Mario bitter, king-ruler Hebrew Boy
Mario, Marius Form of Marius Italian Boy
Mariola Girl
Marion bitter Hebrew Both
Mariposa butterfly Spanish Girl
Marisa mother of Daksa Hindu Girl
Marissa of the sea Latin Girl
Marjani coral African Girl
Marjeta pearl Czech Girl
Marjorie pearl Old French Girl
Mark warlike, hammer, defender Latin Boy
Mark, Marc Variant of Marcus Boy
Markandeya a sage Hindu Boy
Marland Residence Name Old English Boy
Marlene child of light, bitter German Girl
Marliss Girl
Marlon little hawk Old French Boy
Marlow from the hillside lake Old English Boy
Marmaduke leader of the seas Celtic Boy
Marmara radiant Greek Girl
Marna rejoice Hebrew Girl
Marnia Maid of the Sea Latin Girl
Marnina cause of joy Hebrew Girl
Marny from the sea Scandinavian Girl
Marót Moravian Hungarian Boy
Marsden field near water Old English Boy
Marshal Horse Groomer Old English Boy
Marshall keeper of the horses; steward French Boy
Marta Lady or Mistress Aramean Girl
Martha a lady Arabic Girl
Martin of Mars Latin Boy
Martina warlike Latin Girl
Maruti Hindu Girl
Marvela Marvelous Latin Girl
Marvelle miracle Old French Girl
Marvin beautiful sea; good friend Celtic, Anglo-Saxon Boy
Mary bitter Hebrew Girl
Masakazu first son of Masa Japanese Boy
Masako child of Masa Japanese Girl
Maslin little twin Old French Boy
Mason stoneworker French Boy
Matai gift of God Hebrew Boy
Matana gift Arabic Girl
Matanga sage, advisor to Devi Lalita Hindu Boy
Matangi a Devi Hindu Girl
Mathea gift of God Hebrew Girl
Mather strong army Old English Boy
Mathilda battle maiden, strength Old German Girl
Matilda Mighty in Battle Teutonic Girl
Matrika mother, name of goddess Hindu Girl
Matthew Gift of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Maud strength in battle Old German Girl
Maude Mighty in Battle Teutonic Girl
Maura dark Latin Girl
Maureen great; little Mary; dark-haired Latin Girl
Maurice moorish; dark; moor land French Boy
Mavis a small bird English Boy
Max the greatest Latin Boy
Max, Maxwell Great Latin Boy
Maxine The Greatest Latin Girl
Maxwell from the great well English Boy
May bitter Hebrew Girl
Maya divine creative forse in everything Hindu Girl
Mayako child of Maya Japanese Girl
Mayer farmer; greater; bringer of light German Boy
Maynard remarkable strength Anglo-Saxon Boy
Mayoko child of Mayo Japanese Girl
Mayon the black God Hindu Boy
Mayuko child of Mayu Japanese Girl
Mayuri Hindu Girl
Mead meadow Old English Boy
Meagin Girl
Meara merry Gaelic Boy
Meckenzie Daughter of the Wise Leader Gaelic Girl
Meda priestess Native American Girl
Medárd great, strong Hungarian Boy
Medea ruling; middle child Greek, Latin Girl
Medha intelligence, a form of the Devi Hindu Girl
Medilion Girl
Medwin Powerful Friend Teutonic Boy
Meena precious stone Hindu Girl
Meenakshi Hindu Girl
Meera Hindu Girl
Megan mighty, strong able, pearl Greek, Gaelic, Welsh Girl
Megara wife of Hercules Greek Girl
Megha Hindu Girl
Meghana raincloud Hindu Girl
Megyer Hungarian Hungarian Boy
Mehetabel favoured by God, God is doing good Hebrew Boy
Mehul A derivative of Mukul Hindu Boy
Mei great one Latin Girl
Meira light Hebrew Girl
Meka eyes Hawaiian Boy
Mekia Girl
Mela religious gathering Hindu Girl
Melanctha black flower Greek Girl
Melancton black flower Greek Boy
Melanie dressed in black, dark Greek Girl
Melba slender, soft; mallow flower Greek, Latin Girl
Melia nymph daugher of Oceanus Greek Girl
Melik Turkish Boy
Melina canary-yellow Latin Girl
Melinda gentle one Greek Girl
Melisenda honest, diligent Spanish Girl
Melissa bee, honey Greek Girl
Melita Honey Sweet Greek Girl
Melody song Greek Girl
Melor Marx Engels Lenin October Revolution English Boy
Melosa gentle, sweet Spanish Girl
Melville hillside; town by the mill Anglo-Saxon, Old English Boy
Melvin chief Celtic Boy
Melvina Handmaiden Celtic Girl
Mena mother of Menaka Hindu Girl
Menaka celestial damsel Hindu Girl
Mendel wisdom; repairer Hebrew, Middle English Boy
Menyhért royal light Hungarian Boy
Mercedes ransom; virgin Mary Latin Girl
Mercer storekeeper Middle English Boy
Mercy compassion, pity Middle English Girl
Mercy, Merci Compassionate French-Latin Girl
Meredith protector of the sea Old Welsh Both
Meris Sea Born Latin Girl
Merit deserving Latin Girl
Merle blackbird Latin Girl
Merlin sea; falcon; sea hill Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Welsh Boy
Merrick ruler of the sea English Boy
Merrill famous; of the sea German Boy
Merry joyful Middle English Girl
Mersadize Girl
Mert Turkish Boy
Mesha ram, born under the sign of Aries Hindu Girl
Messina middle child Latin Girl
Meta ambitious Latin Girl
Mete Turkish Boy
Meyer a farmer German Boy
Mia mine Italian Girl
Miakoda power of the moon Native American Girl
Michael who is like God Hebrew Boy
Michaela like God Hebrew Girl
Michelle Feminine of Michael French Girl
Michi righteous Japanese Girl
Michiko child of Michi Japanese Girl
Midori green Japanese Girl
Migina moon returning Omaha Indian Girl
Mignon dainty, petite French Girl
Mihaly who is like God? Hebrew Boy
Mihir Hindu Boy
Mihoko child of Mihoko Japanese Girl
Mika new moon Japanese, Finnish Girl
Miki beautiful tree Japanese Girl
Miko Finish Boy
Miksa similar to God Hungarian Boy
Milán kind Hungarian Boy
Milburn Residence Name Old English Boy
Mildred mild, power Anglo-Saxon Girl
Miles soldier; merciful; millstone Latin Boy
Milind Hindu Boy
Millard caretaker of the mill Old English Boy
Miller one who mills Old English Boy
Millicent industrious, strength Old German Girl
Milton from the mill town Old English Boy
Mily beautiful Hawaiian Girl
Mimi Strong Opponent Teutonic Girl
Min cleverness Korean Girl
Mina South Japanes Girl
Minako child of Mina Japanese Girl
Minda knowledge Native American Girl
Mindel sea of bitterness Yiddish Girl
Mine a resolute protector Japanese Girl
Minelli Girl
Miner youth Latin Boy
Minerva power; thinker Greek, Latin Girl
Minesh Hindu Boy
Mingmei smart, beautiful Chinese Girl
Minka strong, resolute Teutonic Girl
Minna love; mother; bitterness Old German, Scottish, Hebrew Girl
Minta mint Greek Girl
Mira wonder; aim; light of God Latin Girl
Mirabelle wonderful; beautiful to look upon Latin Girl
Miranda extraordinary, to be admired Latin Girl
Miremba peace Ugandan Girl
Mireya mircaulous Spanish Girl
Miriam bitter Hebrew Girl
Miroslav famous Slavic Boy
Misako child of Misa Japanese Girl
Misha Hindu Girl
Missy young girl Old English Girl
Misty covered by mist Old English Girl
Mitali friend Hindu Boy
Mitchell Variant of Michael Boy
Mitena coming moon, new moon Native American Girl
Mitesh Hindu Boy
Mitexi sacred moon Native American Girl
Mitsuko child of Mitsu Japanese Girl
Miyoko beautiful generations child Japanese Girl
Mladen forever in youth Slavic Boy
Modestus modest one Latin Girl
Modesty modest one Latin Girl
Mog high Lord Boy
Mohan charming Hindu Boy
Mohin Hindu Boy
Mohini most beautiful Hindu Girl
Mohit Hindu Boy
Moira bitter; great Irish, Celtic Girl
Molly Variant of Mary Girl
Momoko child of Momo Japanese Girl
Mona peaceful; individual; noble one; my lady Latin Girl
Monica advice Latin Girl
Monroe mouth of the Roe River; wheelwright Celtic, Scottish Boy
Montague steep mountain French Girl
Monte moutain Latin Boy
Montgomery mountain hunter French Boy
Moon letters Korean Girl
Mór moorish Hungarian Boy
Mora blueberry Spanish Girl
Mordecai warrior Hebrew Boy
Morgan white sea; bright, dweller by the sea Gaelic, Welsh Girl
Morgance sea-dweller Celtic Girl
Morgandy little one from the edge of the sea Celtic Girl
Morgen morning German Girl
Moria my teacher is God Hebrew Girl
Moriarty sea warrior Irish Boy
Morley moor, meadow English Boy
Morris dark skinned Latin Boy
Mortimer still water French Boy
Morton city on the moor Anglo-Saxon Boy
Morven child of the sea Old English Boy
Moselle taken from water Hebrew Girl
Moses saved; child; taken from water Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek Boy
Motega new arrow Native American Boy
Mridul Hindu Girl
Mridula Hindu Girl
Mrinalini Hindu Girl
Muhammad praised one Arabic Boy
Mukasa God's chief administrator Ugandan Boy
Mukta means a pearl in Telugu Hindu Boy
Mukul Hindu Boy
Mukunda Hindu Boy
Mull grinder Middle English Boy
Mumtaz Arabic Boy
Murdock victorious at sea Scottish Boy
Muriel myrrh; sea-bright; angel of June Greek, Irish, Latin Girl
Murphy sea warrior Gaelic Boy
Murray sailor Celtic Boy
Musetta a ballad Old French Girl
Mutsuko child of Mutsu Japanese Girl
Muzaffer Turkish Both
Mya emerald Burmese Girl
Mychau great Vietnamese Girl
MyDuyen beautiful, pretty Vietnamese Girl
Myer Great Latin Boy
Myfanwy sweet woman welsh Girl
Myiesha Life's blessing Arabic Girl
Mykala Girl
Myles inventor of the corn mill Greek Boy
Myra wonderful; quiet song Latin Girl
Myrna polite one, gentle Gaelic Girl
Myron sweet oil Greek Boy
Myrtle a flower, symbol of victory Greek Girl