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Girl name ideas starting with T

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Tab briliant, drummer Old German, Middle English Boy
Tabansi one who endures African Boy
Tabari after famous muslim historian North African Boy
Tabitha gazelle, roe-buck Greek, Hebrew Girl
Taborri voices that carry Native American Girl
Taci washtub Zuni Indian Girl
Tacincala deer Native American Girl
Tacita to be silent Latin Girl
Tadako child of Tada Japanese Girl
Tadc Celtic Boy
Taddeo courageous, one who praises Italian Boy
Tadi wind Omaha Indian Both
Taffy beloved Welsh Girl
Tahir chaste, pure Arabic Boy
Tahirah chaste, pure Arabic Girl
Tahzai -
Tai talent; from Thailand Vietnamese, American Both
Tailynn unknown Girl
Taima crash of thunder Native American Girl
Tainn new moon Native American Girl
Taipa to spread wings Miwok Indian Girl
Tait Cheerful Scandinavian Boy
Tajo day Spanish Boy
Tajsa princess Girl
Taka tall, honorable Japanese Girl
Takai Japanese Boy
Takako child of Taka Japanese Girl
Takara treasure, precious object Japanese Girl
Takiyah pious, righteous North African Girl
Takoda friend to all Native American Girl
Taksa a son of Bharata Hindu Boy
Taksony well fed, content, merciless, wild Hungarian Boy
Taku Japanese Boy
Tala stalking wolf Native American Girl
Talasi corn-tassel flower Hopi Indian Girl
Talbot reward Old French Boy
Tale green African Girl
Taleen Armenian Girl
Talia dew from heaven, blooming, near water Hebrew, Greek, Australian Aboriginal Girl
Talib Arabic Boy
Talitha young woman Aramaic Girl
Tallulah leaping water Choctaw Indian Girl
Talman to injure, to oppress Hebrew Boy
Talon Both
Talorg Welsh Boy
Talos giant protector of Minos island Greek Boy
Tam heart Vietnamese Girl
Tama thunderbolt Native American Girl
Tamali Hindu Girl
Tamara palm tree, spice Hebrew, Sanskrit Girl
Tambrey immortal unknown Girl
Tamer Turkish Boy
Tamiko child of Tami Japanese Girl
Tamir pure, tall stately Arabic Boy
Tammy perfect one Hebrew Girl
Tamsyn Native American Girl
Tanaka dweller Japanese Girl
Tanasha strong willed, persistant Girl
Tancredo of thoughtful counsel Italian Boy
Tanek immortal Polish Boy
Taner Turkish Boy
Tani valley; sweetheart; youth; bull that charges randomly Japanese, Melanesian, Tonkinese, Andalusian Girl
Tanicus Latin Boy
Tanner leather worker Old English Boy
Tano name of river Ghanese Boy
Tansy immortality, flower name Greek, Hopi Indian Both
Tanu Hindu Girl
Tanuja Hindu Girl
Tanushi Hindu Girl
Tanvi Hindu Girl
Tanya fairy princess Russian Girl
Tao peach, symbol of long life Chinese Boy
Tapan Hindu Boy
Tapanga sweet, unpredictable African Girl
Tapesh Hindu Boy
Tapi Hindu Girl
Tapti Hindu Girl
Tara rocky hill, tower Celtic, Gaelic, Hindu Girl
Tarang Hindu Boy
Tarasios of Tarentum Greek Boy
Tarcal Hungarian Boy
Tardos bald Hungarian Boy
TarevaChine(shanay) beautiful eyes Native American Girl
Tariq star, path Arabic Boy
Tarján name of an honor Hungarian Boy
Tarkan Turkish Boy
Taro first-born male Japanese Boy
Tarsha Native American Girl
Tarun Hindu Boy
Taryn queen Greek Girl
Tas well fed, stone Hungarian Boy
Tasha Hindu Girl
Tate to be cheerful; windy, a great talker Old English Both
Tathal Welsh Boy
Tathan Welsh Boy
Tatum cheerful bringer of joy Old English Girl
Taurin born under the sign of Taurus Latin Boy
Taurinus Latin Boy
Tavia great Latin Girl
Tavis twin Scottish Boy
Tawnie little one, yellowish-brown English Girl
Tayce silence French Girl
Tayen new moon Native American Girl
Taylar to cut Old French Girl
Taylor Tailor Middle English Both
Teagan Girl
Teague poet Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Tearlach Scottish Boy
Tecer Turkish Boy
Tee Boy
Tegan doe Celtic Boy
Tehya precious Native American Girl
Tej Hindu Boy
Tejal Hindu Girl
Teji Hindu Girl
Tekla divine fame Greek Girl
Telford Old English Boy
Telo Old French Boy
Tem country English Boy
Tema righteous, a palm tree Hebrew Girl
Teman right hand, south Hebrew Boy
Temani of Teman Hebrew Boy
Temina honest Hebrew Girl
Temira Hebrew Girl
Tempest storm Old French Girl
Templa Temple or Sanctuary Latin Girl
Tenenan Old French Boy
Tennyson son of Dennis Middle English Boy
Tercan Turkish Boy
Tereixa Galician Girl
Terena earthly Latin Girl
Terence polished, tender Latin Boy
Terentia guardian Greek Girl
Teresa, Teri Harvester Greek Girl
Terhi Finish Girl
Terje of Thor's spear Norse Boy
Terra Earth Latin Girl
Terrel thunderer Old English Boy
Terrence Tender Latin Boy
Terro Boy
Terrylyn Girl
Tertia the third Latin Girl
Tesia loved by God Polish Girl
Tess fourth born Greek Girl
Tessa countess Italian Girl
Tétény chieftain Hungarian Boy
Teulyddog Welsh Boy
Tewdwr Welsh Boy
Texcean Girl
Tezer Turkish Boy
Thabit Arabic Boy
Thaddeaus couragues, praiser Latin Boy
Thaddeus Praise be to God Hebrew Boy
Thadine Praised Hebrew Girl
Thai many, multiple Vietnamese Boy
Thais the bond Greek Girl
Thalassa from the sea Greek Girl
Thalia blooming, plentiful Greek Girl
Thaman name of a god Hindu Boy
Than death, briliant Greek, Vietnamese Both
Thana gratitude Arabic Girl
Thane attendant warrior Old English Boy
Thanos noble Greek Boy
Thara wealth Arabic Girl
Thatcher roof fixer Old English Boy
Thayer Of the Nation's Army Teutonic Boy
Thea goddess, sort Greek, Laos Girl
Thelma nursing Greek Girl
Theobold the boldest Old German Boy
Theodora gift of God Greek Girl
Theodore gift of God Greek Boy
Theodoric ruler of the people Teutonic Boy
Theola The Divine Greek Girl
Theone godly Greek Girl
Theophilus beloved of God Greek Boy
Thera wild Greek Girl
Theresa reaper Greek Girl
Theron hunter Greek Boy
Thibaud Old French Boy
Thierry people's ruler Teutonic Boy
Thirza sweet-natured, cypress tree Hebrew Girl
Thisbe where the doves live Greek Girl
Thistle thistle Old English Girl
Thomas twin Greek Boy
Thomasa twin Greek Girl
Thomasina The Twin Hebrew Girl
Thor thunder Old Norse Boy
Thora thunder Old Norse Girl
Thoralf Scandinavian Boy
Thorbjørn Scandinavian Boy
Thorborg Scandinavian Girl
Thord Scandinavian Boy
Thore Scandinavian Boy
Thorfinn Scandinavian Boy
Thorgeirr Scandinavian Boy
Thorgils Scandinavian, Anglo-Saxon Boy
Thorgrim Scandinavian Boy
Thorkell Scandinavian Boy
Thorleifr Scandinavian Boy
Thorne thorn tree Old English Boy
Thorpe from the village Old English Boy
Thorstein Scandinavian Boy
Thorulffr Scandinavian Boy
Thorvald Scandinavian Boy
Thorvid Scandinavian Boy
Thosa Old French Boy
Thrandr Scandinavian Boy
Thurborn dweller by Thor's stream Teutonic Boy
Thurid Scandinavian Girl
Thurlow from Thor Old English Boy
Thurston Thor's stone Norse Boy
Thyra shield-bearer Greek Girl
Thyrrni Scandinavian Girl
Tia aunt, princess Spanish, Greek Girl
Tiara turban, flower name Greek, Latin Girl
Tibalt people's prince Greek Boy
Tiegan little princess in the big valley Aztec Girl
Tienette crowned with laurel Greek Girl
Tiernan lord Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Tierney lordly Celtic Boy
Tierra earth, land Spanish Girl
Tiffany appearance of God Old French Girl
Tigerlily Girl
Tihamér likes silence Hungarian Boy
Tilak Hindu Boy
Tilda Maid of Battles Teutonic Girl
Tilden Residence Name Old English Boy
Timandra daughter of hero tyndareus Greek Girl
Timeus perfect Greek Boy
Timoleon I honor what I say Greek Boy
Timon worthy Greek Boy
Timothea honoring God Greek Girl
Timothy honoring God Greek Boy
Timur iron Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish Boy
Tina river Old English Girl
TinekaJawana African Girl
Tinh mindful; aware Vietnamese Boy
Tionne Girl
Tiponya owl poking the hatching egg Miwok Indian Girl
Tirza Hebrew Girl
Titania giant Greek Girl
Titian red-gold Greek Girl
Titus of the giants Greek Boy
Titusz dove, honored Hungarian Boy
Tivadar gift of God Hungarian Boy
Tivon lover of nature Hebrew Boy
Tivona lover of nature Hebrew Girl
Toakase woman of the Sea Tonga Girl
Tobias God is good Hebrew Boy
Tobit Hebrew Girl
Toby God is Good Hebrew Boy
Todd fox Middle English Boy
Toinette Beyond Praise Latin Girl
Toker Turkish Boy
Tokiko child of Toki Japanese Girl
Tola priceless Polish Girl
Tolena Girl
Tolga Turkish Boy
Tomaj name of a clan Hungarian Boy
Tome Galician Boy
Tomiko child of Tomi Japanese Girl
Tomkin little Tom Old English Boy
Tomo a twin Japanese Boy
Tona Girl
Tong fragrant Vietnamese Boy
Tonia Beyond Praise Latin Girl
Tony Beyond Praise Latin Boy
Topaz yellow gemstone Latin Girl
Toral Hindu Girl
Tori bird Japanese Girl
Torin chief Celtic Boy
Tormod Scottish Boy
Torrance from the low hills Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Torrence Like a Tall Tower Irish Boy
Torrey Residence Name Celtic Boy
Torsten the stone of Thor Norse Boy
Tosia inestimable Latin Girl
Toste Scandinavian Boy
Tostig Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian Boy
Tove good Hebrew Girl
Tovi good Hebrew Boy
Townsend from the end of town Old English Boy
Toyo plentiful Japanese Both
Tracy path, road French Girl
Trahaearn strong as iron Welsh Boy
Tranter wagoneer Old English Boy
Travis crossing Old French Boy
Travis, Travers At the Crossing French Boy
Treasa strong Celtic Girl
Tremayne house by the stones, farm with a stone monolith Old Cornish, English Boy
Tremeur Old French Boy
Trent torrent, dweller by the Trent Latin Boy
Trenus Latin Boy
Tresa Aragonic Girl
Tressa Harvester Greek Girl
Treva prudent Celtic Girl
Trevor cautious Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Trey third born, three Middle English Boy
Trifine Old French Girl
Trigve Norwegian Boy
Trilby one who sings musical thrills Italian Girl
Trilochana Hindu Girl
Trina fire, full of spirit Girl
Trind pure Swedish Girl
Trinity the holy three Latin Girl
Tripp traveler Old English Boy
Trisanu Hindu Boy
Trishna thirst, a form of the Devi Hindu Girl
Trista sorrowful Latin Girl
Tristan noisy one, laborer Old Welsh, Latin Boy
Trixie, Trix She Who Blesses Latin Girl
Troilus place name French Boy
Troy place name French Girl
Trudy beloved Old English Girl
Truman disciple Old English Boy
Trupti Hindu Girl
Trusha Hindu Girl
Tryggvi Scandinavian Boy
Tryne pure Dutch Girl
Tryphena dainty Latin Girl
Tuathal Celtic Boy
Tucker tailor Middle English Boy
Tudfwlch Welsh Boy
Tudi Old French Boy
Tudur Welsh Boy
Tuesday the day of the week Old English Girl
Tugdual Old French Boy
Tuhina Hindu Girl
Tujan Old French Boy
Tulasi a Devi Hindu Girl
Tully a people, peaceful one Celtic, Gaelic Girl
Tuncer Turkish Boy
Tungyr Welsh Boy
Ture Scandinavian Boy
Turiau Old French Boy
Turner carpenter Middle English Boy
Turpin thunder-Finn Old Norse Boy
Tushar Hindu Boy
Tusti peace, happiness, a for of the Devi Hindu Girl
Tuvya Hebrew Boy
Twain two pieces Middle English Boy
Twila Girl
Tyanne special one Girl
Tydfill Welsh Girl
Tye enclosed Old English Boy
Tyee chief Native American Boy
Tyler tiler, roofer Middle English Boy
Tymon honoring God Greek Boy
Tyne river Old English Boy
Tyrek Boy
Tyrone king Greek Boy
Tyrus person from Tyre Latin Boy
Tyson son of a German, son of Ty Old French Boy
Tzuriel Hebrew Boy