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Girl name ideas starting with R

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Rachel little lamb, an ewe, one with purity Hebrew Girl
Rachna Hindu Girl
Radcliff red cliff Old English Boy
Radcliffe Residence Name Old English Boy
Radella elfin advisor Old English Girl
Radford Residence Name Old English Boy
Radha Hindu Girl
Radhika a form of the Devi, 5th Sakti, wife of Krishna Hindu Girl
Radinka active Slavic Girl
Radman joy Slavic Boy
Radomér happy, peace Hungarian Boy
Rae doe Old English Boy
Raeburn dweller by the stream where does drink Teutonic Boy
Raeka beautiful, unique Spanish Girl
Raelin Celtic Girl
Ragin Hindu Boy
Ragini Hindu Girl
Ragnar a wise leader Norse Boy
Ragnhild one who is wise in battle Norse Girl
Rahab Hebrew Girl
Rahul Hindu Boy
Rai trust Japanese Girl
Raidon thunder God Japanese Boy
Raimy Both
Rain ruler Latin Girl
Rainier ruler Latin Boy
Raissa thinker; rose Old French, Greek Girl
Raivata a Manu Hindu Boy
Raizel rose Hebrew Girl
Raj Hindu Boy
Rajan Hindu Boy
Rajani Hindu Boy
Rajanikant Hindu Boy
Rajendra God Hindu Boy
Rajesh Hindu Boy
Rajiv striped Sanskrit Boy
Rajni Hindu Girl
Rakesh Hindu Boy
Rakhi Hindu Girl
Raksha Hindu Girl
Raleigh dweller by the deer meadow Old English Boy
Ralph wolf, wise counsel Old English Boy
Ram Lord Rama Hindu Boy
Raman Hindu Boy
Ramanuja a saint Hindu Boy
Ramesh ruler of Rama Sanskrit Boy
Ramiro great judge Basque Boy
Ramla one who predicts the future Egyptian Girl
Ramon Mighty Protector Teutonic Boy
Ramona wise protector Spanish Girl
Ramsey ram's land Old English Boy
Ramya elegant, beautiful Hindu Girl
Rance a kind of Belgian marble French Boy
Randi Feminine of Randall Girl
Randolph shield, wolf Anglo-Saxon Boy
Rane queen, pure Norwegian Girl
Ranen joyous Hebrew Boy
Ranger dweller in the field Old French Boy
Rani a queen Hindu Girl
Rania Royal Sanskrit Girl
Ranjan Hindu Boy
Ranjana Hindu Girl
Ranjeet Hindu Boy
Ranjita Hindu Girl
Ransford raven's ford Old English Boy
Ransley raven's meadow Old English Boy
Ransom son of the shield; redeemer Old English Boy
Rantidev devotee of Narayana Hindu Boy
Raphael healed by God Hebrew Boy
Raphaela Divine Healer Hebrew Girl
Raphaella healed by God Hebrew Girl
Rashid wise adviser Swahili Boy
Rashida righteous African Girl
Rashne judge Persian Boy
Rasika Hindu Girl
Rasine a rose Polish Girl
Rasna Hindu Girl
Rati a Devi Hindu Girl
Ratri night Hindu Boy
Raven a raven Old English Boy
Ravi benevolent, sun God Hindu Boy
Ravid wander Hebrew Boy
Ravindra Hindu Boy
Ravinger ravine Old English Boy
Rawlins son of a little wise wolf Old English Boy
Rawnie lady Gypsy Girl
Ray kingly French Boy
Rayburn from the deer stream Old English Boy
Rayelle Girl
Raylene Girl
Rayma Girl
Raymond worthy protector Old German, Old English Boy
Rayna pure, clean Hebrew Girl
Raynard brave one; mighty army Old German, Old Norse Boy
Razi secret African Boy
Raziya agreeable African Girl
Read red-haired, reed Old English Boy
Rebecca bound, tied Hebrew Girl
Rebecca, Reba Faithful One Hebrew Girl
Redford from the red ford Old English Boy
Redmond adviser Old German Boy
Reece enthusiastic Old Welsh Boy
Reed Reed Old English Boy
Reena Hindu Girl
Reese ardent one Welsh Boy
Reeve bailiff Middle English Boy
Reeves Steward Middle English Boy
Regan little king Gaelic Boy
Regina queenly Latin Girl
Reginald powerful one Old English Boy
Regis kingly, regal Latin Boy
Regõ Hungarian Boy
Rehan Arabic Boy
Rei gratitude Japanese Girl
Reidun nest-lovely Norwegian Girl
Reiko child of Rei, gratitude Japanese Girl
Rekha straight line Hindu Girl
Reman Hindu Girl
Remington from the raven's home Old English Boy
Remus swift oarsman Latin Boy
Remy from Rheims French Girl
Ren water lily Japanese Girl
Rena peace; joyous song Greek, Hebrew Girl
Renard counsel hard Teutonic Boy
Renata reborn Latin Girl
Renata, Renee Born Again Latin Girl
Rendor policeman Hungarian Boy
Renee reborn Latin Boy
Renfred Peacemaker Teutonic Boy
Renfrew from the still waters Old Welsh Boy
Renita to be firm Latin Girl
Renny small but mighty Gaelic Boy
Renuka Hindu Girl
Renwick Residence Name Teutonic Boy
Reseda Healing Latin Girl
Reshma silky Hindu Girl
Reuben behold, a son Hebrew Boy
Reuel friend of God Hebrew Boy
Revati wife of Balarama Hindu Girl
Revelation Latin Girl
Rex king Latin Boy
Rezsõ Hungarian Boy
Rhea stream, mother; poppy Greek, Latin Girl
Rhett Stream Old English Boy
Rhiamon witch Welsh Girl
Rhiannon a mythological nymph Welsh Girl
Rhoda rose Greek Girl
Rhodanthe flower of the rose bush Greek Girl
Rhodes dweller by the crosses; roses Middle English, Greek Boy
Rhonda good spear Celtic Girl
Rhoswen white rose Gaelic Girl
Ria mouth of a river Spanish Girl
Riane little king Gaelic Girl
Riannon great queen, witch, or goddess Welsh Girl
Richard powerful ruler; brave one Old German, Old English Boy
Richelle powerful ruler; brave one Old German, Old English Girl
Rickena Czech Girl
Rico noble ruler Spanish Boy
Riddhi Siddhi will follow Hindu Girl
Rider horseman Old English Boy
Ridgley by the meadow's edge English Boy
Ridley reed clearing, cleared wood Old English Boy
Rieko child of Rie Japanese Girl
Rigby valley of the ruler Old English Boy
Rihana sweet basil Arabic Girl
Rikako child of Rika Japanese Girl
Rikin Hindu Boy
Riley valiant Gaelic Both
Rima Hindu Girl
Rimon pomegranite Arabic Boy
Rina queen Hindu Girl
Rinako child of Rina Japanese Girl
Ring a ring Old German Boy
Ringo apple, peace be with you Japanese Boy
Rini little bunny Japanese Girl
Riordan poet Gaelic Boy
Ripley dweller in the noisy meadow Old English Boy
Risa laughing one Latin Girl
Risako child of Risa Japanese Girl
Rishab the musical note Re Hindu Boy
Rishbha Hindu Girl
Rishi Hindu Boy
Rishley from the wild meadow Old English Boy
Rishon first Hebrew Boy
Rishona first Hebrew Girl
Rita pearl, precious Greek Girl
Ritchell nasty, gross Vietnamese Boy
Ritsuko child of Ritsu Japanese Girl
Ritter knight Old German Boy
Ritu Hindu Girl
Riva river French Girl
Rivers stream of water Latin Boy
Rizal Philippino Boy
Rizpah Greek Girl
Roald fame power Teutonic Boy
Roarke famous ruler Gaelic Boy
Robert bright, famous Old English Boy
Roberta bright, famous Old English Girl
Robi shining with fame Hungarian Boy
Robin queen of morning Girl
Rocco rest Italian Boy
Rochelle from the little rock French Girl
Rochester rock fortress Old English Boy
Roderica famous one Old German Girl
Roderick famous one Old German Boy
Rodman famous Old English Boy
Rodney famous one's island Old English Boy
Rogan red-haired Gaelic Both
Rogelio beautiful one Spanish Boy
Roger famous spearman, quiet Old German Boy
Rohana sandalwood Hindu Girl
Rohini Hindu Girl
Rohit red color Hindu Boy
Rókus Hungarian Boy
Roland from the famous land Old German Boy
Roldan powerful, mighty English Boy
Rolfe Variant of Rudolph Boy
Romana from Rome Italian Girl
Romeo pilgrim to Rome Italian Boy
Romilda Glorious Battle Maid Teutonic Girl
Rona covenant, oath Gaelic Girl
Ronak Hindu Boy
Ronald mighty Old Norse Boy
Ronalda mighty Old Norse Girl
Ronan a pledge Celtic Boy
Roni shout for joy, my song of joy Hebrew Boy
Ronin Samurai without a master Japanese Boy
Rooney red-haired Gaelic Boy
Roosevelt field of roses Dutch Boy
Rory red king Gaelic Boy
Rosa A Rose Latin Girl
Rosabel Beautiful Rose Latin Girl
Rosalba White Rose Latin Girl
Rosalia Melody Italian Girl
Rosalind pretty rose; horse serpent Spanish, Teutonic Girl
Rosanne gracious rose Latin Girl
Roscoe from the deer forest Old Norse Boy
Rose a flower Latin Girl
Rose, Rosalie Rose Italian Girl
Roselani heavenly rose Hawaiian Girl
Rosemary Dew of the Sea Latin Girl
Roshan Hindu Boy
Roshni light Hindu Girl
Roslin little red-haired one Old French Girl
Ross from the peninsula; horse Scottish, Anglo-Saxon Boy
Roswell Mighty Steed Teutonic Boy
Roth red-haired German Boy
Rowan red-haired; rugged Gaelic, Old English Boy
Rowena red-haired; rugged Gaelic, Old English Girl
Roxanne brilliant one Persian Girl
Roy regal one, red Old French, Gaelic Boy
Royce son of the king English Boy
Ruben beholf of a son Hebrew Boy
Ruby red gem Old French Girl
Ruchi Hindu Girl
Ruchika Hindu Girl
Ruchir Hindu Boy
Ruchira Hindu Girl
Rudd ruddy English Boy
Rudolph wolf Old German Boy
Rudrani a wife of Shiva Hindu Girl
Rudyard from the red gate Old English Boy
Rue a herb name; regret Latin Girl
Ruford From the Red Ford Old English Boy
Rufus red-haired one Latin Boy
Ruhinda Prince of Cows Caymanian Boy
Rukmini Hindu Girl
Rumer gypsy English Girl
Rumiko child of Rumi Japanese Girl
Runa secret lore Scandinavian Girl
Runako handsome African Boy
Rupa Hindu Girl
Rupal Hindu Girl
Rupali Hindu Girl
Rupert Of Shining Fame Teutonic Boy
Rupesh Hindu Boy
Rush red-haired French Boy
Russel red-haired; fox-like Old French, Old English Boy
Russell Red French Boy
Ruth compassionate friend Hebrew Girl
Rutherford from the cattle ford Old English Boy
Ryan little king Gaelic Both
Ryba fish Czech Girl
Ryesen Rye English Girl
Rylan dweller in the rye field Old English Boy
Ryoichi first son of Ryo Japanese Boy
Ryoko child of Ryo Japanese Girl
Ryozo third son of Ryo Japanese Boy
Ryuichi first son of Ryu Japanese Boy