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Biblical Baby Naming ideas

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Aaron shining light, high mountain, messenger Hebrew, Arabic Boy
Abbott father Arabic, Aramaic, Hebrew Boy
Abdiel servent of god Hebrew Boy
Abel breath, child Hebrew, Assyrian Boy
Abie father or mother of many Hebrew Both
Abijah The Lord is my father Hebrew Boy
Abira strong Hebrew Girl
Abner father of light Hebrew Boy
Abra father of a multitude Hebrew Girl
Abraham father of a multitude Hebrew Boy
Abram Exalted Father Hebrew Boy
Abrasha father Hebrew Boy
Acacio the Lord holds Hebrew Boy
Achazia the Lord holds Hebrew Girl
Ada happy, ornament Teutonic, Hebrew Girl
Adalia refuge of God, just, noble one Hebrew, Arabic, German Girl
Adam earth, created by God Hebrew Boy
Adamina dauggher of the earth Hebrew Girl
Addai man of god Hebrew Boy
Addo happy, ornament Teutonic, Hebrew Boy
Adelaide noble kind, adorned Hebrew, Latin Girl
Adena delicate, sensual Hebrew Girl
Aderes one who protects Hebrew Girl
Adie ornament Hebrew Girl
Adina voluptous Hebrew Girl
Adine Delicate Hebrew Girl
Adlai my witness, refuge of god Hebrew Boy
Adley just Hebrew Boy
Admon red peony Hebrew Boy
Adon lord Hebrew Boy
Agabo Hebrew Boy
Ahab uncle Hebrew Boy
Ahava name of a river, love Hebrew Girl
Ahmik strength of gods flock Hebrew Boy
Ailsa concecrated to god Hebrew Girl
Aitan fights of possession Hebrew, African Boy
Akiva protect Hebrew Girl
Aliza joyous Hebrew Girl
Alumit secret Hebrew Girl
Amiel god of my people Hebrew Boy
Amissa friend Hebrew Girl
Amos troubled Hebrew Boy
Anke grace Hebrew Girl
Ann, Anne Grace, Mercy Hebrew Girl
Anne gracious Hebrew Girl
Araminta lofty Hebrew Girl
Arashel strong and protected hill Hebrew Girl
Ardon bronze Hebrew Boy
Arella angel messenger Hebrew Girl
Ari lion Hebrew Boy
Ariel lioness of god Hebrew Girl
Ariella Lion of God Hebrew Girl
Armon castle Hebrew Boy
Arnon rushing stream Hebrew Boy
Asa healer Hebrew Girl
Asenette Hebrew Girl
Asenka graceful Hebrew Girl
Ashamed Hebrew Girl
Asher fortunate, lucky, blessed, happy Hebrew Boy
Asisa ripe Hebrew Girl
Astera flower name Hebrew Girl
Atara a crown Hebrew Girl
Aviva springtime Hebrew Girl
Axel divine reward; divine source of life Hebrew, Swedish Boy
Ayala gazelle, goat Hebrew Girl
Ayla oak tree Hebrew Girl
Azalia spared by jehovah Hebrew Girl
Bara to choose Hebrew Girl
Barabas Barabba Hebrew Boy
Barnabas son of prophecy Hebrew Boy
Barnabas, Barnaby Son of Prophecy Hebrew Boy
Bartholomew furrow, hill Hebrew Boy
Baruch blessed Hebrew Boy
Basha daughter of God, stranger Hebrew, Greek, Polish Girl
Bathsheba daughter of the oath Hebrew Girl
Becky The Ensnarer Hebrew Girl
Benjamin son of my right hand Hebrew Boy
Benson Ben's son, excellent son English, Hebrew Boy
Beryl dazzling jewel Hebrew Boy
Bess Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Beth house of god Hebrew Girl
Beth, Bethany Worshiper of God Hebrew Girl
Bethany house Hebrew Girl
Bethesda House of Mercy Hebrew Girl
Bettina Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Bracha a blessing Hebrew Girl
Brighton the one who is loved Hebrew Boy
Britt the helpful one Hebrew Boy
Buffy God's promise Hebrew Girl
Cain craftsman Hebrew Boy
Caleb bold, dog Hebrew Both
Carmel Woodland Hebrew Girl
Carmen garden, field of fruit, song Hebrew, Latin Girl
Chaika life Hebrew Boy
Chaim life Hebrew Boy
Chanah grace Hebrew Girl
Chaya life Hebrew Girl
Daba kind words, bee swarm Hebrew Girl
Dagan grain or corn Hebrew Boy
Dalia a branch, to draw water Hebrew Girl
Damaris heifer Greek, Hebrew Girl
Daniel my judge is the Lord Hebrew Boy
Daniela my judge is the Lord Hebrew Girl
Danielle Feminine of Daniel Hebrew Girl
Dara compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers Hebrew, Persian Girl
Davan beloved one Hebrew Girl
David beloved one Hebrew Boy
Davida Feminie of David Hebrew Girl
Davine the loved Hebrew Girl
Daya bird Hebrew Girl
Dayla to draw water, branch or bough Hebrew Girl
Deborah a bee, to speak kind words Hebrew Girl
Delilah delicate, amorous Hebrew Girl
Dena vindicated, valley Hebrew, Native American Girl
Dinah vindicated, judgement Hebrew Girl
Doron gift Hebrew Boy
Dov bear Hebrew Boy
Eban stone Hebrew Boy
Ebenezer Rock of Help Hebrew Boy
Eden delightful, adornment, paradise Hebrew Both
Edna pleasure, delight Hebrew Girl
Edria mighty Hebrew Girl
Efrosini a fawn or a bird Hebrew Girl
Eilis God's oath Hebrew, Celtic Girl
Eisig he who laughs Hebrew Boy
Eleora the lord is my light Hebrew Girl
Eli elevation Hebrew Boy
Eli, Ely The Highest Hebrew Boy
Elias Jehovah is God Hebrew Boy
Elijah Jehovah is god Hebrew Boy
Eliot hight Hebrew Boy
Elisabeth God's oath Hebrew/Germanic Girl
Elisha Jehovah is god Hebrew Girl
Elizabeth God's Oath Hebrew Girl
Elkan he belongs to god Hebrew Boy
Ellen light, mercy Hebrew Girl
Elliott, Elijah Jehovah is God Hebrew Boy
Else concecrated to god Hebrew Girl
Emanuel god is with us Hebrew Boy
Emanuela god is with us Hebrew Girl
Emmanuel God is With Us Hebrew Boy
Emmuna Hebrew Girl
Endora fountain Hebrew Girl
Ephraim very fruitful Hebrew Boy
Erzsebet devoted to God Hebrew Girl
Ethan strong, firm, constant Hebrew/Latin Boy
Ethel noble Hebrew Boy
Eva life Hebrew Girl
Evelina lifegiving Hebrew Girl
Evelyn, Eve Life Giving Hebrew Girl
Ezekiel strength of God Hebrew Boy
Ezio friend, lover Hebrew Boy
Ezra helper, salvation Hebrew Boy
Fifine, Fifi He Shall Add Hebrew Girl
Gabai delight, adornment Hebrew Boy
Gabriel God is my strength Hebrew Boy
Gabrielle God is my strength Hebrew Girl
Gali spring, fountain Hebrew Girl
Galya God is redeemed Hebrew Girl
Gana garden Hebrew Girl
Genesis origin Hebrew Both
Gersham Exiled Hebrew Boy
Geva hill Hebrew Girl
Gideon mighty warrior Hebrew Boy
Gilana joy Hebrew Girl
Hadara bedecked in beauty Hebrew Girl
Hadassa flowering myrtle Hebrew Girl
Hali sea; necklace, place name Greek, Hebrew Girl
Hana flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful Japanese, Hebrew Girl
Hannah grace of God Hebrew Girl
Hanne gracious Hebrew Girl
Hans God's Gracious Gift Hebrew Boy
Hava life Hebrew Girl
Heba gift from God Hebrew Girl
Hedia voice of the Lord Hebrew Girl
Hedva joy Hebrew Girl
Hiram Exalted Hebrew Boy
Hosea Salvation Hebrew Boy
Hyman Life Hebrew Boy
Ichabod Glory has Departed Hebrew Boy
Ideh praise Hebrew Girl
Ilana sunshine Hebrew Girl
Isaac laughing one Hebrew Boy
Isaiah salvation of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Israel prince of God, may God reign Hebrew Boy
Itzak laughter Hebrew Boy
Iva God's great gift, yew tree Hebrew, Japanese Girl
Ivana God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Ivana, Ivy, Iva God's Gift Hebrew Girl
Jacob held by the heel Hebrew Boy
Jacqueline supplanter Hebrew Girl
Jada wise Hebrew Girl
Jael to ascend Hebrew Girl
Jaen ostrich Hebrew Girl
Jamee supplanter, one who replaces Hebrew Girl
James supplanter Hebrew Boy
Jane gracious, merciful, God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Janna flourishing Hebrew Girl
Jardena to flow downward Hebrew Girl
Jared one who rules Hebrew Boy
Jarlath a tributary lord Hebrew Boy
Jaron to cry out, singing Hebrew Boy
Jason, Jay God is my Savior Hebrew Boy
Jedidiah beloved of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Jensine God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Jeremiah exalted of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Jeremiah, Jeremy God Exalts Hebrew Boy
Jeremy God will uplift, appointed by God Hebrew Boy
Jesse wealthy Hebrew Boy
Jessica God's grace Hebrew Girl
Jessica, Jessie Woman of Wealth Hebrew Girl
Jesus God will help Hebrew Boy
Jezebel follower of idols Hebrew Girl
Jezreel Hebrew Girl
Joakim the Lord will judge Hebrew Boy
Joakima the Lord will judge Hebrew Girl
Joan God's Gracious Gift Hebrew Girl
Joanne God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Job The Persecuted Hebrew Boy
Jobey persecuted Hebrew Girl
Jobina the persecuted Hebrew Girl
Joel God is willing, Jehova is the Lord Hebrew Boy
Joelle the Lord is willing Hebrew Girl
Joelliane Jehova is God Hebrew Girl
Johanna God's Gracious Gift Hebrew Girl
John God is merciful Hebrew Boy
Jonah a dove Hebrew Boy
Jonas Dove Hebrew Boy
Jonathan God gives Hebrew Boy
Jonina dove Hebrew Girl
Jora autumn rain Hebrew Girl
Jordan to descend, to flow Hebrew Boy
Jordane descendant, flowing down Hebrew Girl
Jorgen farmer Hebrew Boy
Joseph God will increase Hebrew Boy
Joseph, Joey, Joe God Multiplies Hebrew Boy
Josephine God will increase Hebrew Girl
Joshua Jehova saves Hebrew Boy
Josiah fire of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Judd praised Hebrew Boy
Jude praise Hebrew Boy
Judith praise, admired Hebrew Girl
Judith, Judy Praised Hebrew Girl
Justin just, true Hebrew Boy
Justine just, true Hebrew, Latin Girl
Kabos swindler Hebrew Boy
Kadisha holy Hebrew Girl
Kalanit flower name Hebrew Girl
Kaniel stalk, reed Hebrew Boy
Kayla crown of laurels Hebrew Girl
Kazia plant with cinnamon-like bark Hebrew Girl
Kefira young lioness Hebrew Girl
Kenan possession Hebrew Boy
Keturah fragrance Hebrew Girl
Ketzia surface, cinnamon-like bark Hebrew Girl
Kezia cassia, cinnamon Hebrew Girl
Laban White Hebrew Boy
Label lion Hebrew Boy
Lailie born during light Hebrew Girl
Lazarus God's help Hebrew Boy
Leah cow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, ruler Hebrew, Greek, Assyrian Girl
Leah, Leigh Weary Hebrew Girl
Ledah birth Hebrew Girl
Lemuel devoted to God, beloging to God Hebrew Boy
Lemuela Dedicated to God Hebrew Girl
Leshem precious stone Hebrew Boy
Levi united Hebrew Boy
Lexine helper and defender of mankind Hebrew Girl
Lia dependence Hebrew Girl
Lilith ghost; storm goddess; spirit of the night Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew Girl
Lisa consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisa, Liza Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisabet Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisette Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lizzie Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lot Veiled Hebrew Boy
Madeline woman from Magdala, one who is elevated, a high tower Hebrew Girl
Magda high tower one who is elevated Hebrew Girl
Magdalene A Tower Hebrew Girl
Magena the coming moon; a covering, protection Native American, Hebrew Girl
Mahala woman; tenderness; marrow Native American, Hebrew, Arabic Girl
Mahalia affection Hebrew Girl
Malachi messenger of God Hebrew Boy
Malca queen Hebrew Girl
Malina tower, dark Hebrew, Hindu Girl
Malka queen Hebrew Girl
Mangena melody Hebrew Girl
Mara Sorrowful Hebrew Girl
Maria bitter Hebrew Girl
Mariasha perfect one; bitter, with sorrow Egyptian, Hebrew Girl
Maribel Mary the Beautiful Hebrew-Latin Girl
Maridel bitter Hebrew Girl
Mariel bitter Hebrew Girl
Marilyn bitter Hebrew Girl
Mario bitter, king-ruler Hebrew Boy
Marion bitter Hebrew Both
Marna rejoice Hebrew Girl
Marnina cause of joy Hebrew Girl
Mary bitter Hebrew Girl
Matai gift of God Hebrew Boy
Mathea gift of God Hebrew Girl
Matthew Gift of the Lord Hebrew Boy
May bitter Hebrew Girl
Mehetabel favoured by God, God is doing good Hebrew Boy
Meira light Hebrew Girl
Mendel wisdom; repairer Hebrew, Middle English Boy
Michael who is like God Hebrew Boy
Michaela like God Hebrew Girl
Mihaly who is like God? Hebrew Boy
Minna love; mother; bitterness Old German, Scottish, Hebrew Girl
Miriam bitter Hebrew Girl
Mordecai warrior Hebrew Boy
Moria my teacher is God Hebrew Girl
Moselle taken from water Hebrew Girl
Moses saved; child; taken from water Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek Boy
Nachmanke compassionate one, one who comforts Hebrew Boy
Nadav nobel, a generous one Hebrew Boy
Nan Grace Hebrew Girl
Nancy full of grace Hebrew Girl
Nanna graceful one Hebrew Girl
Naomi pleasent one; above all, beauty Hebrew, Japanese Girl
Nataniella gift of God Hebrew Girl
Nathania Gift of the Lord Hebrew Girl
Nathaniel gift of God Hebrew Boy
Nathaniel, Nathan Gift of God Hebrew Boy
Naysa miracle of God Hebrew Girl
Nediva noble and generous Hebrew Girl
Nehemiah God's compassion Hebrew Boy
Neria lamp of God, angel Hebrew Girl
Netta A plant or shrub Hebrew Girl
Nina girl; grace Spanish, Hebrew Girl
Nira of the loom Hebrew Girl
Nirel God's field Hebrew Boy
Nisi emblem Hebrew Both
Nitzana blossom Hebrew Girl
Noadiah God assembles Hebrew Boy
Noah comfort, wanderer Hebrew Boy
Obadiah servant of God Hebrew Boy
Odelia little wealthy one; praise God Old German; Hebrew Girl
Odera plough Hebrew Girl
Omar first son, disciple; gifted speaker; famous Arabic, Hebrew, German Boy
Oprah Fawn Hebrew Girl
Oran pale one; pine Gaelic, Hebrew Boy
Oren ash-tree, pale; pine tree Hebrew, Gaelic Boy
Osaze favoured by God Hebrew Boy
Osborne soldier of God Hebrew Boy
Oz strength Hebrew Boy
Palti my escape Hebrew Boy
Pazia golden Hebrew Girl
Penina jewel, coral Hebrew Girl
Rachel little lamb, an ewe, one with purity Hebrew Girl
Rahab Hebrew Girl
Raizel rose Hebrew Girl
Ranen joyous Hebrew Boy
Raphael healed by God Hebrew Boy
Raphaela Divine Healer Hebrew Girl
Raphaella healed by God Hebrew Girl
Ravid wander Hebrew Boy
Rayna pure, clean Hebrew Girl
Rebecca bound, tied Hebrew Girl
Rebecca, Reba Faithful One Hebrew Girl
Rena peace; joyous song Greek, Hebrew Girl
Reuben behold, a son Hebrew Boy
Reuel friend of God Hebrew Boy
Rishon first Hebrew Boy
Rishona first Hebrew Girl
Roni shout for joy, my song of joy Hebrew Boy
Ruben beholf of a son Hebrew Boy
Ruth compassionate friend Hebrew Girl
Sabra thorny cactus; to rest Arabic, Hebrew Girl
Sachiel angel of water Hebrew Boy
Sadie Princess Hebrew Girl
Sagiv mighty, with strength Hebrew Boy
Saloma peace Hebrew Girl
Saloman peaceful Hebrew Boy
Salome Asked of God Hebrew Girl
Sam to hear Hebrew Boy
Samara mountain, outlook, ruled by God, guarded by God; seedling Hebrew, Latin Girl
Samicah Hebrew Girl
Samson like the sun, his ministry Hebrew Boy
Samson, Sam Bright as the Sun Hebrew Boy
Samuel his name is God Hebrew Boy
Samuela her name is God Hebrew Girl
Sapphire Precious Gem Hebrew Girl
Sarah princess Hebrew Girl
Sarai quarrelsome Hebrew Girl
Sarea name of an angel Hebrew Girl
Saul asked for Hebrew Boy
Seff a wolf Hebrew Boy
Sela a rock Hebrew Girl
Seraphim burning ones, angels, ardent Hebrew Boy
Seraphina afire, angel, seraph Hebrew Girl
Seraphine, Serafina Burning or Ardent Hebrew Girl
Seth appointed one Hebrew Boy
Shaine beautiful Hebrew Girl
Shalom peace Hebrew Girl
Shana Beautiful Hebrew Girl
Sharon princess Hebrew Girl
Shawn God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Sheba from Sheba Hebrew Girl
Shelah request Hebrew Girl
Shira song Hebrew Girl
Shobi glorious Hebrew Girl
Shoshannah rose Hebrew Girl
Shulamith peaceful Hebrew Boy
Simon he who hears Hebrew Boy
Simona Heard Hebrew Girl
Simone one who hears Hebrew Girl
Sivan the ninth month Hebrew Boy
Solomon Peaceful Hebrew Boy
Susan lily Hebrew Girl
Sydelle princess Hebrew Girl
Tabitha gazelle, roe-buck Greek, Hebrew Girl
Talia dew from heaven, blooming, near water Hebrew, Greek, Australian Aboriginal Girl
Talman to injure, to oppress Hebrew Boy
Tamara palm tree, spice Hebrew, Sanskrit Girl
Tammy perfect one Hebrew Girl
Tema righteous, a palm tree Hebrew Girl
Teman right hand, south Hebrew Boy
Temani of Teman Hebrew Boy
Temina honest Hebrew Girl
Temira Hebrew Girl
Thaddeus Praise be to God Hebrew Boy
Thadine Praised Hebrew Girl
Thirza sweet-natured, cypress tree Hebrew Girl
Thomasina The Twin Hebrew Girl
Timur iron Hebrew, Hungarian, Turkish Boy
Tirza Hebrew Girl
Tivon lover of nature Hebrew Boy
Tivona lover of nature Hebrew Girl
Tobias God is good Hebrew Boy
Tobit Hebrew Girl
Toby God is Good Hebrew Boy
Tove good Hebrew Girl
Tovi good Hebrew Boy
Tuvya Hebrew Boy
Tzuriel Hebrew Boy
Udeh praise Hebrew Boy
Uehudah Hebrew Boy
Uma nation, mother, horse Hebrew, Hindu, Japanese Girl
Uri light Hebrew Boy
Uriah God is light Hebrew Both
Uriel light of God Hebrew Boy
Urit Bright Hebrew Girl
Uzi My Strength Hebrew Boy
Varda rose Hebrew Girl
Vered Rose Hebrew Boy
Vidette The Beloved Hebrew Girl
Ximena Hebrew Girl
Yachne gracious Hebrew Girl
Yadid Friend, Beloved Hebrew Boy
Yadira Friend Hebrew Girl
Yadon he will judge Hebrew Boy
Yaffa Beautiful Hebrew Girl
Yakira Precious Hebrew Girl
Yakov the supplanter, held by the heel Hebrew, Russian Boy
Yan God's grace Hebrew Boy
Yanira Hebrew Girl
Yanis God's gift Hebrew Boy
Yarin to understand Hebrew Boy
Yarkona Green Hebrew Girl
Yaron He will Sing Hebrew Boy
Yavonna Hebrew Girl
Ydel praise Hebrew Girl
Yehudi praise god, a man from Judah, a jew Hebrew Boy
Yemena Hebrew Girl
Yeshaya Hebrew Boy
Yesmina right hand, strength Hebrew Girl
Yevon Hebrew Girl
Yoninah dove Hebrew Girl
Yovela rejoicing Hebrew Girl
Zabulon to exhalt, honor Hebrew Boy
Zaccheo the one God remembers Hebrew Boy
Zachariah Remembered by the Lord Hebrew Boy
Zachary God remembers, renowned by God Hebrew Boy
Zahar Daybreak Hebrew Girl
Zahavah Golden Hebrew Girl
Zakai innocent, one who is pure Aramaic, Hebrew Boy
Zakia bright, pure Hebrew Girl
Zalia Hebrew Girl
Zambda meditation Hebrew Girl
Zamir Hebrew Boy
Zan Hebrew Girl
Zane God's grace, sea-friend Hebrew, Old English Boy
Zaneta God's Gracious Gift Hebrew Girl
Zann Hebrew Boy
Zara dawn, princess Hebrew, Arabic Girl
Zared Ambush Hebrew Boy
Zayden Hebrew Boy
Zayit Hebrew Girl
Zaza movement, flowery Hebrew, Arabic Girl
Zazu movement Hebrew Boy
Zeanes Hebrew Girl
Zebadiah Gift of the Lord Hebrew Boy
Zebediah God's Gift Hebrew Boy
Zebulon home Hebrew Boy
Zedekiah justice of the lord Hebrew Boy
Zee Hebrew Girl
Zehava golden Hebrew Girl
Zelpha Hebrew Girl
Zemirah Song of Joy Hebrew Girl
Zenoa Hebrew Boy
Zephan treasured by God Hebrew Boy
Zerlinda beautiful dawn Hebrew Girl
Zeruah Hebrew Girl
Zethel Hebrew Girl
Zev deer, wolf Hebrew, Hindu Boy
Zevida gift Hebrew Girl
Zhalore Hebrew Girl
Zia to tremble, a kind of grain Hebrew, Latin Girl
Ziahon Hebrew Girl
Ziff wolf Hebrew Boy
Zila shadow Hebrew Girl
Zilla Shadow Hebrew Girl
Zimra Song of Praise Hebrew Girl
Zion a sign Hebrew Boy
Ziona a sign Hebrew Girl
Zisel sweet Hebrew Girl
Zita the seeker; virgin Hebrew, Persian Girl
Ziv very bright Hebrew Boy
Ziva Bright, Radiant Hebrew Girl
Zoland Hebrew Boy
Zoleen Hebrew Girl
Zonda Hebrew Girl
Zula Hebrew Girl
Zuriel God is my rock Hebrew Girl
Zurl Hebrew Boy