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Celtec Baby Naming ideas

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Abenzio Celtic Boy
Adalardo noble Celtic Boy
Africa pleasing, pleasant Celtic Girl
Ahearn lord of the horses Celtic Boy
Aileen light, green meadow Greek, Celtic Girl
Aine joy Celtic Girl
Aislinn a dream, vision, inspiration Celtic Girl
Aithne little fire Celtic Girl
Alan handsome, cheerful, noble Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Alanna Fair Celtic Girl
Amon the hidden Celtic, Egyptian Boy
Angus superb, unique Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Annabelle Joy Celtic Girl
Arland pledge Celtic Boy
Arleen A Pledge Celtic Girl
Arlene pledge Celtic Girl
Arthur noble, follower of Thor Celtic Boy
Beacan small, little one Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Bevin lady with a sweet song, son of Evan Celtic Both
Birkita strength Celtic Girl
Boyd blond, yellow Celtic Boy
Boyd, Boyden Yellow-Haired Celtic Boy
Bram raven Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Brazil brave, strong in conflict Celtic Boy
Bree broth Celtic Girl
Brenna Raven maid, dark-haired Celtic Girl
Bretta from Britain Celtic Girl
Briac estime Celtic Boy
Brian strong Celtic Boy
Briana strong Celtic Girl
Brice swift, quick-moving, son of Rice Celtic Both
Bridget resolute, strength, saint Celtic Girl
Brietta strong Celtic Girl
Brina protector Celtic Girl
Brites strength Celtic Girl
Bryant Strong Celtic Boy
Cadman Warrior Celtic Boy
Caedmon wise warrior Celtic Boy
Caitlin pure Celtic, Welsh Girl
Camlin crooked line Celtic Boy
Caoimhe gentleness, beauty, grace Celtic Girl
Carden from the black fortress Celtic Boy
Carney Warrior Celtic Boy
Carroll Champion Celtic Boy
Cary honest one, shy Celtic Both
Casey brave, watchful Celtic, Gaelic Both
Cerdwin the mother Goddess Celtic Girl
Chad, Chadwick Warrior Celtic Boy
Clancy offspring of red-headed soldier Celtic Boy
Coalan slender Celtic Boy
Cody assistant, a cushion, possessions Celtic, Old English Boy
Colin youth, child, victor Celtic, Greek Boy
Colleen girl Celtic, Gaelic Girl
Con, Conan Wise Celtic Boy
Condon the dark-haired wise man Celtic Boy
Conner desire, wise aid, wolf-lover Celtic Boy
Corey raven, from the hollow Celtic Boy
Craig from near the crag Celtic Boy
Cullen young animal, handsome Celtic Boy
Cuyler chapel Celtic Girl
Cyric Celtic Boy
Dana from Denmark, mother of the Gods in myths Swedish, Celtic Girl
Dermot free of envy Celtic Boy
Derry great lover, an ancient hero Celtic Boy
Desmond man of the world, society Celtic, Latin Boy
Devnet poet Celtic Girl
Dierdre young girl, one who rages, broken-hearted Celtic Girl
Donnelly a brave black man Celtic Boy
Driscoll Interpreter Celtic Boy
Duff dark faced, baker Celtic Boy
Duncan dark-skinned warrior Celtic Boy
Dunn brown Celtic Boy
Edan flame, fiery Celtic Boy
Edana zealous, fiery Celtic Girl
Egan ardent, little fire Gaelic, Celtic Boy
Eilis God's oath Hebrew, Celtic Girl
Erin peace, western island Celtic/Gaelic Girl
Erlina girl from Ireland Celtic Girl
Etain shining Celtic Girl
Evan young warrior, well-born Celtic/Greek Boy
Evelyn lively, pleasant Celtic Girl
Fainche saint's name Celtic Girl
Fallon grandchild of the ruler, in charge Celtic Girl
Farrell courageous, man of valor Celtic, Old English Boy
Fergus of manly strength Celtic Boy
Ferguson son of Fergus Celtic Boy
Ferris rock, iron Celtic, Latin Boy
Fiona white, fair Celtic Girl
Fionn white, fair Celtic Both
Flynn son of the red-haired man Celtic Boy
Gallagher eager aide Celtic Boy
Gilda God's servent Celtic Girl
Gilroy Servant of the King Celtic-Latin Boy
Greg fierce Celtic Boy
Gwen White or Fair Celtic Girl
Gwendolyn white brow Celtic Girl
Gwynne White or Fair Celtic Girl
Irving handsome, fair Celtic Boy
Isolde beautiful Celtic Girl
Kaie combat Celtic Girl
Kaitlyn little darling Celtic Girl
Kathleen little darling Celtic Girl
Kearney warrior Celtic Boy
Keary father's dark child Celtic Boy
Keelin slender, fair Celtic Girl
Kegan fiery Celtic Boy
Keir dark-skinned Celtic Boy
Keith wood, wind; wood-dweller Celtic; Welsh Boy
Kelvin name of a river; from the narrow river Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Kendall ruler of the valley Celtic Both
Kendr&eague; loving male Celtic Boy
Kerwin Dark Skinned Celtic Boy
Lorna of Lorne Celtic Girl
Lorne of Lorne Celtic Boy
Maddox Beneficient Celtic Boy
Malvin, Melvin Servant Celtic Boy
Mannix munk Celtic Boy
Marmaduke leader of the seas Celtic Boy
Marvin beautiful sea; good friend Celtic, Anglo-Saxon Boy
Melvin chief Celtic Boy
Melvina Handmaiden Celtic Girl
Merlin sea; falcon; sea hill Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Welsh Boy
Moira bitter; great Irish, Celtic Girl
Monroe mouth of the Roe River; wheelwright Celtic, Scottish Boy
Morgance sea-dweller Celtic Girl
Morgandy little one from the edge of the sea Celtic Girl
Murray sailor Celtic Boy
Nola Noble or Famous Celtic Girl
Perth thorny bush Celtic Boy
Pixie small elf, faery Celtic Girl
Raelin Celtic Girl
Rhonda good spear Celtic Girl
Ronan a pledge Celtic Boy
Saraid excellent Celtic Girl
Scully town crier Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Sean God's grace Celtic Boy
Seanna God's grace Celtic Girl
Shayla fairy palace Celtic Girl
Shela musical Celtic Girl
Sheridan The Wild Man Celtic Boy
Shylah loyal to god, strong Celtic Girl
Sloane Warrior Celtic Boy
Tadc Celtic Boy
Tara rocky hill, tower Celtic, Gaelic, Hindu Girl
Teague poet Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Tegan doe Celtic Boy
Tiernan lord Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Tierney lordly Celtic Boy
Torin chief Celtic Boy
Torrance from the low hills Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Torrey Residence Name Celtic Boy
Treasa strong Celtic Girl
Treva prudent Celtic Girl
Trevor cautious Celtic, Gaelic Boy
Tuathal Celtic Boy
Tully a people, peaceful one Celtic, Gaelic Girl
Ula sea jewel, inherited estate Celtic, Old German Girl
Ultan Celtic Boy
Urien privileged birth Celtic Boy
Varney Residence Name Celtic Boy
Vaughan little, small Celtic Boy
Wynne Light Complexioned Celtic Girl