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Girl name ideas starting with P

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Packard one who packs Old English Boy
Paco bald eagle; a free man Native American, Spanish Boy
Padma Goddess Lakshmi Hindu Girl
Padmakar Hindu Boy
Padmini Hindu Girl
Page young attendant French Boy
Paine Man from the Country Latin Boy
Paki a witness Egyptian Boy
Pakuna deer jumping down hill Miwok Indian Girl
Pallav Hindu Boy
Pallavi Hindu Girl
Palma palm bearing pilgrim Old English Girl
Palmer palm bearing pilgrim Old English Boy
Paloma dove Spanish Girl
Palomi Hindu Girl
Palti my escape Hebrew Boy
Pamee Hindu Girl
Pamela honeyed Greek Girl
Pancrazio supreme ruler, all powerful Italian Boy
Pandita scholar Hindu Boy
Pandora talented one Greek Girl
Pandya Hindu Boy
Pankaj lotus flower Hindu Boy
Pankhudi Hindu Girl
Pankita Hindu Girl
Panos a rock Greek Boy
Pansy thought French Girl
Panthea of all the Gods Greek Boy
Pantxike free Latin Girl
Panya crowned with laurel; mouse, small child Latin Girl
Panyin older of twins Ghanese Both
Papillon butterfly French Girl
Parag Hindu Boy
Paramartha great entity Hindu Boy
Paras touchstone Hindu Boy
Paris city name; name of a God English, Greek Boy
Parisa angelic face Persian Girl
Parker cultivated land Old English Boy
Parlan ploughman, farmer Gaelic Boy
Parnika auspicious Apsara Hindu Girl
Parnita auspicious Apsara Hindu Girl
Parr from the stable Old English Boy
Parry son of Harry Old English Boy
Parth A name given to Arjun by Lord Krishna Hindu Boy
Partha A name given to Arjun by Lord Krishna Hindu Boy
Parthivi the Goddess Sita Hindu Girl
Parul Hindu Girl
Parvani full moon Hindu Girl
Parvati the Goddess Sarasvati Hindu Girl
Parveen star Hindu Girl
Pascal born at Easter French Boy
Pascale born at Easter French Girl
Patamon raging Native American Boy
Patern Breton Boy
Patia leaf Spanish Girl
Patience suffering Latin Girl
Patony Hungarian Boy
Patricia noble one Latin Girl
Patrick noble one Latin Boy
Patty Variant of Patricia Girl
Paul little one Latin Boy
Paula petite Latin Girl
Paula, Paulette Small Latin Girl
Paulomi Hindu Girl
Pauravi Hindu Girl
Pavi Hindu Girl
Paxton trader; town of peace Teutonic, Old English Boy
Payal anklet Hindu Girl
Payton warrior's estate Old English Both
Pazia golden Hebrew Girl
Pázmán right, man Hungarian Boy
Peace peace Latin Both
Pearl gemstone Middle English Girl
Pebbles a stone English Girl
Peder stone Greek Boy
Pedro A Rock Greek Boy
Pegeen a pearl Greek Girl
Peggy, Peg A Pearl Greek Girl
Pelagia from the sea Greek Girl
Pelin Turkish Boy
Pell scarf Old English Boy
Pellegrin pilgrim Hungarian Boy
Pemba the force of present existence African Girl
Pembroke from the headland, rocky hill Welsh Boy
Penda love Swahili Girl
Penelope weaver Greek Girl
Peni weaver Hawaiian Girl
Penina jewel, coral Hebrew Girl
Penley enclosed meadow Old English Boy
Penn enclosure Old English Boy
Penrod esteemed commander Old German Boy
Pentele merciful, lion Hungarian Boy
Penthea fifth, moruner Greek Girl
Peony flower name Greek Girl
Pepin perseverance Old German Girl
Pepper from the pepper plant English Both
Percival pierce the veil Old French Boy
Percival, Percy The Valley-Piercer Old French-Latin Boy
Perdita lost Latin Girl
Peregrine wanderer Latin Girl
Peril a trial or test Latin Boy
Perouze turquoise Armenian Girl
Perri wanderer English Both
Perry pear tree; son of Harry Middle English, Welsh Boy
Persephone goddess of the underworld Greek Girl
Persis Woman from Persia Greek Girl
Perth thorny bush Celtic Boy
Petara Latin Girl
Peter rock, stone Latin Boy
Petra rock, stone Latin Girl
Petrina A Rock Greek Girl
Petula impatient Latin Girl
Petunia a flower Latin Girl
Peyton Form of Patrick Scotch Boy
Phedra shining one Greek Girl
Phelan little wolf Gaelic Boy
Philadelphia brotherly love Greek Girl
Philana adoring Greek Girl
Philander Lover of Mankind Greek Boy
Philbert Illustriously Brilliant Teutonic Boy
Philip horse lover Greek Boy
Philippa horse lover Greek Girl
Philomena song lover, friend, lover of the moon Greek Girl
Phineas oracle; dark-skinned Greek, Egyptian Girl
Phoebe bright one Greek Both
Phoena mystical bird, purple Greek Girl
Phoenix mystical bird, purple Greek Boy
Phoolan flower Hindu Girl
Phuoc good luck Vietnamese Boy
Phuong destiny Vietnamese Both
Phutika Hindu Girl
Phyllis leafy branch, dear Greek Girl
Pia devout Italia Girl
Picerious Boy
Pierce rock Old English Boy
Pierre Form of Peter French Boy
Pierson son of Peter Old English Boy
Pilan supreme essence Native American Boy
Pilar pillar Spanish Girl
Piper bagpipe player Old English Both
Piusz Hungarian Boy
Pivari a wife of Sukha Hindu Girl
Pixie small elf, faery Celtic Girl
Piyali tree Hindu Girl
Piyush Hindu Boy
Placida tranquility Latin Girl
Placido tranquility Latin Boy
Platon broad-shouldered Greek Boy
Polly Variant of Molly Girl
Poloma bow Choctaw Indian Girl
Polona Slowenian Girl
Pongor all might Hungarian Boy
Pooja prayer Hindu Girl
Poonam Hindu Girl
Poppy flower Old English Girl
Porter gatekeeper, carrier French Boy
Portia a gift,offering Latin Girl
Powell son of Howell Old Welsh Boy
Prabha lustrous Hindu Girl
Prabhakar cause of lustre Hindu Boy
Prabhati morning Hindu Girl
Prabodh Hindu Boy
Prachi Hindu Girl
Pradeep light Hindu Boy
Pradeepta glowing Hindu Girl
Praful Hindu Boy
Pragati progress Hindu Girl
Pragya wisdom Hindu Girl
Prama knowing truth Hindu Girl
Pramada woman Hindu Girl
Pramath Hindu Boy
Pramsu A scholar Hindu Boy
Pranati prayer Hindu Girl
Pranav OM Hindu Boy
Pranay love, romance Hindu Boy
Prapti gain Hindu Girl
Prasanth Hindu Boy
Prasata father of Draupad Hindu Boy
Prasert Thai Girl
Prashant Hindu Boy
Prashanti peace Hindu Girl
Prasoon Hindu Boy
Prassana cheerful Hindu Boy
Pratap Hindu Boy
Pratik symbol Hindu Boy
Pratiksha Hindu Girl
Pratima image Hindu Girl
Pratyush Hindu Boy
Praveen proficient Hindu Boy
Prayag Hindu Boy
Preeti love Hindu Girl
Preetish Hindu Boy
Preita most loving one Finnish Girl
Prem love Hindu Boy
Prema Hindu Girl
Premila Hindu Girl
Prentice apprentice Middle English Boy
Prerana Hindu Girl
Prescott Residence Name Old English Boy
Preston dweller at the church, priest's settlement Old English Boy
Prewitt valiant one Old French Boy
Preyasi beloved Hindu Girl
Price urgent one Old Welsh Boy
Prima first one Italian Girl
Primavera Spring's Beginning Latin Girl
Primel Breton Boy
Primo first one Italian Boy
Primrose First Rose Latin Girl
Prince Prince Latin Boy
Priscilla from ancient times Latin Girl
Prisha Hindu Girl
Prita dear one Hindu Girl
Prithu first Ksatriya, son of Vena Hindu Boy
Priti satisfaction, renowned wife of Pulastya/Sukha Hindu Girl
Pritika beloved Hindu Girl
Privrata son of Satarupa Hindu Boy
Priya loved one, darling Hindu Girl
Priyanka Hindu Girl
Proctor Manager or Agent Latin Boy
Prosper Fortunate Latin Boy
Prudence foresight Latin Girl
Prunella little plum Latin Girl
Pryor head of the priory Latin Boy
Psyche the soul Greek Girl
Ptolema Greek Girl
Ptolemy Greek Boy
Pulkit Hindu Boy
Pulkita Hindu Girl
Pundari Hindu Girl
Pundarik white in colour Hindu Boy
Punita Hindu Girl
Puranjay Hindu Boy
Purujit conqueror of many Hindu Boy
Purva Hindu Girl
Purvaja elder sister Hindu Girl
Purvi Hindu Girl
Purvis provide French Girl
Pusan a sage Hindu Boy
Puskara Hindu Boy
Pusti nourishment, a form of the Devi, wife of Ganapati Hindu Girl
Putnam from the sire's estate Old English Boy
Pyrena fiery Greek Girl
Pythia prophet Greek Girl