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Girl name ideas starting with S

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Saba woman of Sheba Greek Girl
Sabiha Girl
Sabina Sabine woman Latin Girl
Sabirah patient Arabic Girl
Sabra thorny cactus; to rest Arabic, Hebrew Girl
Sabrina from the border land Latin Girl
Sabrina, Brina Goddess of Severn River English Girl
Sachi bliss-child; wife of Indra Japanese, Hindu Girl
Sachiko bliss, child of Sachi Japanese Girl
Sadb Gaelic Girl
Sade honor confers a crown Nigerian Girl
Sadhana Hindu Girl
Sadie Princess Hebrew Girl
Sadira ostrich returning from water Arabic Girl
Saeko child of Sae Japanese Girl
Safak Turkish Both
Saffi wisdom Danish Girl
Safiya pure African Girl
Sagara ocean Hindu Girl
Sahana Hindu Girl
Sahara the moon Arabic Girl
Saheli friend Hindu Girl
Sahiba lady Hindu Girl
Sahila guide Hindu Girl
Saida fortunate one Arabic Girl
Saidah happy, fortunate African Girl
Sajili decorated Hindu Girl
Sajni beloved Hindu Girl
Sakari sweet Native American Girl
Sakiko child of Saki Japanese Girl
Sakinah god-inspired peace-of-mind, tranquility Arabic Girl
Sakti energy, goodness Hindu Girl
Sakuko child of Saku Japanese Girl
Sakura cherry blossoms Japanese Girl
Sakurako child of Sakura Japanese Girl
Salal a plant English Girl
Salena Salt Latin Girl
Salihah correct African Girl
Salimah safe, healthy Arabic Girl
Salina by the salt water; solemn Latin Girl
Sally saviour Spanish Girl
Saloma peace Hebrew Girl
Salome Asked of God Hebrew Girl
Saloni dear, beautiful Hindu Girl
Salwa solace; comfort Arabic Girl
Samantha listens well Aramaic Girl
Samara mountain, outlook, ruled by God, guarded by God; seedling Hebrew, Latin Girl
Samicah Hebrew Girl
Samiksha Hindu Girl
Samirah entertaining companion Arabic Girl
Samma sky, skye Arabic Girl
Sampriti attachment Hindu Girl
Samta Hindu Girl
Samuela her name is God Hebrew Girl
Samularia sweet one forever Girl
Samye Girl
Sanako child of Sana Japanese Girl
Sanchay collection Hindu Girl
Sancia holy Latin Girl
Sandia watermelon Spanish Girl
Sandra Helper of Mankind Greek Girl
Sandrine helper and defender of mankind Greek Girl
Sandya sunset time, name of a God Hindu Girl
Sangita musical Hindu Girl
Sanjna wife of the Sun Hindu Girl
Sanjula beautiful Hindu Girl
Sanrevelle Portuguese Girl
Sanyogita Hindu Girl
Sanyukta Hindu Girl
Sapna dream Hindu Girl
Sapphira blue jewel Greek Girl
Sapphire Precious Gem Hebrew Girl
Sarah princess Hebrew Girl
Sarai quarrelsome Hebrew Girl
Saraid excellent Celtic Girl
Sarasvati a Goddess Hindu Girl
Saravati Hindu Girl
Sarea name of an angel Hebrew Girl
Saree most noble Arabic Girl
Sarika thrush Hindu Girl
Sarisha charming Hindu Girl
Sarita stream, river Hindu Girl
Sarmistha a daughter of Vrsaparvan Hindu Girl
Saru Hindu Girl
Saryu A river in Ramayana Hindu Girl
Sashenka defender and helper of mankind Russian Girl
Sashi Hindu Girl
Sasthi Hindu Girl
Satinka magic dancer Native American Girl
Satoko child of Sato Japanese Girl
Satyavati mother of Vyasa Hindu Girl
Saumya Hindu Girl
Saundarya Hindu Girl
Savanna from the open plain Old Spanish Girl
Savarna daughter of the ocean Hindu Girl
Savita sun Hindu Girl
Savitri a form of the Devi, 4th Sakti Hindu Girl
Saxon large stone; swordsman Latin Girl
Sayoko child of Sayo Japanese Girl
Scarlet deep red Middle English Girl
Scarlett Red English Girl
Schmetterling butterfly German Girl
Schuyler shield, scholar Dutch Both
Scota an Irish woman Latin Girl
Seanna God's grace Celtic Girl
Searlait petitet French Girl
Season planting time Latin Girl
Sebastianne revered one Latin Girl
Seema symbol Greek, Hindu Girl
Sefika Turkish Girl
Sela a rock Hebrew Girl
Selby of the manor house farm Old English Girl
Selena moon Greek Girl
Selene, Selena The Moon Greek Girl
Selima peace Arabic Girl
Selma divinely protected Scandinavian Girl
Semele once Latin Girl
Semine Goddess of sun, moon and stars Danish Girl
Semra Turkish Girl
Sennett wise one French Girl
Senta assistant Old German Girl
Septima seventh born Latin Girl
Seraphina afire, angel, seraph Hebrew Girl
Seraphine, Serafina Burning or Ardent Hebrew Girl
Serena peaceful one, calm Latin Girl
Serilda armed maiden of war Old German Girl
Sesha serpent who symbolizes time Hindu Girl
Sevati white rose Hindu Girl
Seve Breton Girl
Sevita beloved Hindu Girl
Sexburth Anglo-Saxon Girl
Sezen Turkish Girl
Shaila Hindu Girl
Shailaja Hindu Girl
Shaili style Hindu Girl
Shaina Hindu Girl
Shaine beautiful Hebrew Girl
Shakira grateful Arabic Girl
Shako mint Native American Girl
Shalini Hindu Girl
Shalom peace Hebrew Girl
Shamita peacemaker Hindu Girl
Shammara he girded his loins Arabic Girl
Shana Beautiful Hebrew Girl
Shanata peaceful Hindu Girl
Shandy rambunctious Old English Girl
Shanessa God is gracious Irish Girl
Shani marvellous Swahili Girl
Shanley child of the old hero Gaelic Girl
Shannelle channel French Girl
Shannon wise one, river name Irish Girl
Shantah peace, name of a God Hindu Girl
Shantay enchanted French Girl
Shantelle French Girl
Shantina warrior princess Girl
Sharay Girl
Sharda Hindu Girl
Sharman a fair share English Girl
Sharmila Hindu Girl
Sharmistha Hindu Girl
Sharon princess Hebrew Girl
Sharseia Girl
Shashi the moon, moonbeam Hindu Both
Shasmecka princess African Girl
Shawmbria Girl
Shawn God is gracious Hebrew Girl
Shawnnessy Irish, Native American Girl
Shayla fairy palace Celtic Girl
Shayndel beautiful Yiddish Girl
Sheba from Sheba Hebrew Girl
Sheena God's gracious gift Irish Girl
Sheetal cool Hindu Girl
Sheila blind Latin Girl
Shela musical Celtic Girl
Shelah request Hebrew Girl
Shelby sheltered town English Girl
Shian Girl
Shika deer Japanese Girl
Shikha Hindu Girl
Shin belief Korean Girl
Shina virtue, good Japanese Girl
Shira song Hebrew Girl
Shirley country meadow Old English Girl
Shivani Hindu Girl
Shobha Hindu Girl
Shobhna Hindu Girl
Shobi glorious Hebrew Girl
Shoko child of Sho Japanese Girl
Shoshannah rose Hebrew Girl
Shradhdha Hindu Girl
Shreya auspicious Hindu Girl
Shri lustre Hindu Girl
Shridevi Hindu Girl
Shrijani creative Hindu Girl
Shruti hearing Hindu Girl
Shubha Hindu Girl
Shylah loyal to god, strong Celtic Girl
Shysie silent little one Native American Girl
Sibel Turkish Girl
Sibley prophetess Greek Girl
Sibongile thanks African Girl
Sibyl, Sybil Wise or Prophetic Greek Girl
Siddhi then you must have a Riddhi Hindu Girl
Sidonia from Sidonia Italian Girl
Sidra like a star Latin Girl
Sienna reddish brown Italian Girl
Sierra saw-tooth mountain range Spanish Girl
Signe a sign, victorious Swedish Girl
Signild Scandinavian Girl
Sigourney daring king French Girl
Sigrid winning adviser Old Norse Girl
Siham arrows Arabic Girl
Sila homesick Turkish Girl
Sileas youth Latin Girl
Silei Samoan Girl
Silver White Anglo Saxon Girl
Silvia woodland maid Latin Girl
Simba lion Swahili Girl
Simona Heard Hebrew Girl
Simone one who hears Hebrew Girl
Simoni obedient Hindu Girl
Simran God's Gift Hindu Girl
Sine God's gracious gift Gaelic Girl
Sinead gracious Irish Girl
Siran alluring Armenian Girl
Sirena siren Greek Girl
Sirisha Hindu Girl
Siroun lovely Armenian Girl
Sitara morning star Sanskrit Girl
Sitembile trust African Girl
Siv kinship, wife of Thor Norwegian Girl
Skyla sky, sheltering English Girl
Skylar eternal life, strength, love and beauty English Girl
Smita smiling Hindu Girl
Smridhi Hindu Girl
Smriti recollection, a form of the Devi Hindu Girl
Sneh Hindu Girl
Sneha Hindu Girl
Snigdha Hindu Girl
Snøfrid Scandinavian Girl
Sobha Hindu Girl
Solace comfort Latin Girl
Solana sunshine Spanish Girl
Solange rare juwel French Girl
Soledad solitary, health Spanish Girl
Soleil sun French Girl
Solita alone Latin Girl
Solosolo dry Samoan Girl
Somatra excelling the moon Hindu Girl
Sona gold Hindu Girl
Sonakshi golden eye Hindu Girl
Sonal golden Hindu Girl
Sonia wisdom Russian Girl
Sonika golden Hindu Girl
Sonnenschein sunshine German Girl
Soo excellence, long-life Korean Girl
Sophie wisdom Greek Girl
Sophronia foresighted Greek Girl
Sorano of the sky Japanese Girl
Sorcha bright Gaelic Girl
Sorilbran smart Girl
Sparrow a bird English Girl
Spica name of a star Latin Girl
Spring spring season English Girl
Sraddha faith, a wife of Shiva Hindu Girl
Srilata Hindu Girl
Sripada Hindu Girl
Srishti Hindu Girl
Sruti Hindu Girl
Stacey stable Latin Both
Stacia one who shall rise again Greek Girl
Stefania crown Greek Girl
Stella a star Greek, Latin Girl
Stesha crowned-one Greek Girl
Stockard from the yard of tree stumps English Girl
Storm stormy weather, tempest Old English Girl
Subhadra a wife of Arjuna Hindu Girl
Subhaga a fortunate person Hindu Girl
Subhangi Hindu Girl
Subhuja auspicious Apsara Hindu Girl
Suchi Hindu Girl
Suchitra Hindu Girl
Sudevi wife of Krishna Hindu Girl
Sudha Hindu Girl
Sujata Hindu Girl
Sukanya Hindu Girl
Suki beloved Japanese Girl
Suksma Hindu Girl
Sukutai hug African Girl
Suma to ask Egyptian, Japanese Girl
Sumanna Hindu Girl
Sumati Hindu Both
Sumehra beautiful face Arabic Girl
Sumey flower Asian Girl
Sumi clear, refined Japanese Girl
Sumitra Hindu Girl
Summer summer season Old English Girl
Sun goodness Korean Girl
Sundeep Hindu Girl
Sunita a daughter of Dharma Hindu Girl
Suniti Hindu Girl
Suparna leafy Hindu Girl
Suprabha radiant Hindu Girl
Supriti Hindu Girl
Supriya Su means good and "Priya" means "loved one" Hindu Girl
Surabhi wish-yielding cow Hindu Girl
Suravinda a beautiful Yaksa Hindu Girl
Surotama auspicious Apsara Hindu Girl
Suruchi Hindu Girl
Surupa Hindu Girl
Surya the sun Hindu Both
Susan lily Hebrew Girl
Sushanti peace Hindu Girl
Sushma Hindu Girl
Sushmita smiling Hindu Girl
Susila wife of Krishna, clever in amorous sciences Hindu Girl
Suvarna golden Girl
Suvrata a child of Daksa Hindu Both
Svetlana star Russian Girl
Swarupa truth Hindu Girl
Swati Hindu Girl
Sweta Hindu Girl
Sydelle princess Hebrew Girl
Sydney from city of St. Denis Old French Girl
Syeira princess Gypsy Girl
Syna two together Greek Girl
Syshe street Yiddish Girl