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Girl name ideas starting with W

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Wakanda inner magical power Sioux Girl
Walburga a might defender, a fortress Anglo-Saxon Girl
Waltraud rule strength Teutonic Girl
Wanda wanderer Old German Girl
Waneta charger Native American Girl
Wapeka skillful Native American Girl
Waseme African Girl
Wateka Girl
Wenda Wanderer Teutonic Girl
Wendy fair Old English Girl
Wenona First Born Daughter American Indian Girl
Whitney from thewhite island Old English Girl
Whoopi unknown Girl
Widjan ecstacy Arabic Girl
Wihtburth Anglo-Saxon Girl
Wilda Forest Dweller Anglo Saxon Girl
Wilhelmina Resolute Protector Teutonic Girl
Willa fierce protector Teutonic Girl
Willette Resolute Protector Teutonic Girl
Wilona desired Old English Girl
Winda hunt Swahili Girl
Winema female chief Native American Girl
Winifred friend of peace Old English Both
Winona firstborn daughter Sioux Girl
Winter winter Old English Both
Wynflæd Anglo-Saxon Girl
Wynn fair Welsh Girl
Wynne Light Complexioned Celtic Girl