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Girl name ideas starting with Q

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Qabil Able Arabic Boy
Qadim Ancient Arabic Boy
Qadir Powerful Arabic Boy
Qamar Moon Arabic Boy
Qasim Divider Arabic Boy
Qimat Valuable Hindi Boy
Quade Foruth Latin Boy
Quant Means how much? Greek Boy
Quasim one who divides goods among his people Arabic Boy
Qudamah Courage Arabic Boy
Quennel dweller by the oak tree Old French Boy
Quennell Small Oak French Boy
Quentin fifth-born child Latin Boy
Quigley Maternal Side Irish Boy
Quillan club Gaelic Boy
Quimby Woman's Estate Scandinavian Boy
Quinby from the queen's estate Scandinavian Boy
Quincy estate belonging to Quintus French Boy
Quinlan well-shaped, athletic Irish Boy
Quinn wise, queen, fifth born Gaelic, Greek Both
Quon Bright Chinese Boy