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Girl name ideas starting with O

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Oanez Breton Girl
Obelia pillar of strength Greek Girl
Octavia eighth child Latin Girl
Oda small pointed spear Norse Girl
Odea walker by the road Girl
Odelette Little Song French-Greek Girl
Odelia little wealthy one; praise God Old German; Hebrew Girl
Odera plough Hebrew Girl
Odessa odyssey, journey, voyage Greek Girl
Odetta melody French Girl
Odette happy home French Girl
Ohanna God's gracious gift Armenian Girl
Okelani from heaven Hawaiian Girl
Oksana glory be to God Russian Girl
Olathe beautiful Native American Girl
Olayinka honors surround me Yoruban Girl
Olcay Turkish Both
Olesia helper and defender of mankind Polish Girl
Olethea Truth Latin Girl
Olga holy Russian Girl
Oliana oleander Hawaiian Girl
Olinda protector of property Old German Girl
Olive kind one; olive tree, peace Old Norse, Latin, Old French Girl
Olivia, Olive Symbol of Peace Latin Girl
Olympia of Mount Olympus, heavenly Greek Girl
Omega great Greek Girl
Ona graceful one Lithuanian Girl
Onenn Breton Girl
Onida the expected one Native American Girl
Onur Turkish Both
Oona unity Gaelic, Latin Girl
Opal jewel Sanskrit Girl
Ophelia useful, wise Greek Girl
Ophira gold Greek Girl
Oprah Fawn Hebrew Girl
Ora Seacoast Latin Girl
Oralia golden; light Latin Girl
Oralie The Golden Latin Girl
Orane rising French Girl
Orenda magic power Iroquois Indian Girl
Oriana dawn; east Latin Girl
Orianna golden, dawning Latin Girl
Oribel Golden Beauty Latin Girl
Oriel golden, angel of destiny Old French Girl
Orinda fire serpent Teutonic Girl
Oriole fair-haired Latin Girl
Orla golden woman Latin Girl
Orlanda bright sun Latin Girl
Orlantha from the land Old German Girl
Orlena The Golden Latin Girl
Ortensia gardener, farmer Latin Girl
Orva Courageous Friend Anglo Saxon Girl
Ove awe, the spear's point Norse Both