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Girl name ideas starting with L

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Lacey Cheerful One Russian Girl
Lacy place name French Girl
Lae dark Laos Both
Lailie born during light Hebrew Girl
Lainey sun ray English Girl
Lakeesha Variant of Leticia African American Girl
Lakeisha favourite one Swahili Girl
Lakota friend Native American Both
Lala tulip Slavic Girl
Lalasa love Hindu Girl
Lalima Hindu Girl
Lalita Hindu Girl
Lalo to sing a lullaby Latin Girl
Lamar land Old German Both
Lan flower name Vietnamese Girl
Lana to float Polynesian Girl
Lane narrow road Middle English Both
Lanette Girl
Lani sky, heaven Hawaiian Girl
Lanikai heavenly sea Hawaiian Girl
Laquetta Native American Girl
Lara well-known, name of a nymph Latin Girl
Laraine sea bird Latin Girl
Lari crowned with laurel English Girl
Laria the sars are mine Greek Girl
Larina Sea Gull Latin Girl
Larissa name of a city, mythical woman; cheerful one Greek, Russian Girl
Lark a bird English Girl
Lata Hindu Girl
Lateefah gentle, pleasant North African Girl
Latonia mother of Apollo and Diana Latin Girl
Latrice Girl
Laura laurel leaves, honour, fame, spirit Latin Girl
Laurel, Loralie From Laurel Garland Latin Girl
Lauren Variant of Laura Girl
Laurinda crowned with laurel, praise Latin Girl
Lavani grace Hindu Girl
Laveda innocent one Latin Girl
Laverna Vernal or Springlike Old French Girl
Laverne from the alder grove, spring-like Old French Girl
Lavinia purity Latin Girl
Laxmi Hindu Girl
Layna light, truth Greek Girl
Leah cow, weary one; glad tidings; mistress, ruler Hebrew, Greek, Assyrian Girl
Leah, Leigh Weary Hebrew Girl
Leala loyal one French Girl
Leandra lion woman Greek Girl
Leanne Combo of Lee & Anne Anglo Saxon Girl
Leauna young deer Girl
Leba beloved Yiddish Girl
Ledah birth Hebrew Girl
Lee glade; poet; plum Old English Both
Lee, Lea Meadow Anglo Saxon Girl
Leigh meadow Old English Girl
Leiko arrogant Japanese Girl
Leila dark as the night Arabic Girl
Lemuela Dedicated to God Hebrew Girl
Lena alluring, temptress; light Latin Girl
Lene illustrious Norwegian Girl
Lenita Gentle Latin Girl
Leola lion Latin Girl
Leonie The Lion Latin Girl
Leonora Light Greek Girl
Leopolda bold leader Old German Girl
Lesh Girl
Leslie dweller in the gray castle; small meadow Scottish, Old English Girl
Leta Joy Latin Girl
Letha forgetful, oblivion Greek Girl
Leticia Joy Latin Girl
Letitia joy Latin Girl
Levana rising sun Latin Girl
Lexine helper and defender of mankind Hebrew Girl
Leyna little angel Old German Girl
Lia dependence Hebrew Girl
Liadan grey lady Irish Girl
Lian the graceful willow Chinese Girl
Liana vine, to bind; youth French Girl
Liani Spanish Girl
Liannaka bringer of Peace, hope Girl
Liberty freedom English Girl
Lien lotus Chinese Girl
Liese beloved by God German Girl
Lila night Arabic Girl
Lilah The Lily Greek Girl
Lilith ghost; storm goddess; spirit of the night Sumerian, Assyrian, Hebrew Girl
Lillian, Lil, Lily A Lily Greek Girl
Lily a flower Latin Girl
Lilybell Fair Lily Latin Girl
Limber joyfulness African Girl
Lina tender Arabic Girl
Linda pretty Spanish Girl
Lindsay pool island; linden island Old English Girl
Linette linnet bird, flaxen Middle French Girl
Linh Girl
Linne Scandinavian Girl
Linnea lime tree, national flower of Sweden Norwegian Girl
Liora Girl
Lisa consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisa, Liza Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisabet Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Lisette Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Litsa one who brings good news Greek Girl
Liv life Norwegian Girl
Livana goddess Greek Girl
Livia The Olive Latin Girl
Lizzie Consecrated to God Hebrew Girl
Locke stronghold Old English Girl
Logan little hollow Scottish Both
Lois Feminine of Louis Girl
Lokelani small red rose Hawaiian Girl
Lola strong woman Spanish Girl
Lolaksi a sakti of Ganesha Hindu Girl
Lolita Variant of Lola Girl
Lonikie pretty one Girl
Lore a flower Basque Girl
Lorelei from the Rhine River German Girl
Lorena The Laurel Latin Girl
Lorinda Girl
Lorna of Lorne Celtic Girl
Lorraine where Lothar dwells Old German Girl
Lotus freamlike, lotus flower Greek Girl
Louisa, Louise Famous in Battle Teutonic Girl
Louise warrior maiden Old German Girl
Love loved one Old English Girl
Lucia Light Latin Girl
Luciana Light Latin Girl
Lucille Light Latin Girl
Lucinda bringer of light Latin Girl
Lucinda, Lucy Light Latin Girl
Lucine moon Armenian Girl
Lucretia riches Latin Girl
Lucy light Latin Girl
Luella elfin Old English Girl
Lujuana Spanish Girl
Lukina graceful and bright Ukrainian Girl
Lulu Variant of Louisa Girl
Luna moon Latin Girl
Lupe wolf Latin Girl
Lydia woman from Persia, beauty Greek Girl
Lykaios wolfish, of a wolf, wolf-like Greek Both
Lynn a cascade Anglo-Saxon Girl
Lyra Girl
Lyris player of the lyre Greek Girl