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Girl name ideas starting with I

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Habika sweetheart African Girl
Hadara bedecked in beauty Hebrew Girl
Hadassa flowering myrtle Hebrew Girl
Hadiya guide to righteousness, gift Arabic Girl
Haidee modest Greek Girl
Haifa slender Arabic Girl
Haimi the seeker Hawaiian Girl
Haja Girl
Haldis stone spirit; reliable, assistant Teutonic, Norse Girl
Hale hero; army ruler Old English Both
Haleigha house of the rising sun Hawaiian Girl
Haley hero Scandinavian Girl
Hali sea; necklace, place name Greek, Hebrew Girl
Halima gentle African Girl
Hallie thinking of the sea Greek Girl
Halona fortunate Native American Girl
Hana flower, blossom; fower, graceful, merciful Japanese, Hebrew Girl
Hanan mercy Arabic Girl
HaNeul sky Korean Both
Hannah grace of God Hebrew Girl
Hanne gracious Hebrew Girl
Harelda Mighty in Battle Teutonic Girl
Harika wonderful Turkish Girl
Harmony a beautiful blending English Girl
Harriet home ruler unknown Girl
Harsha Hindu Girl
Harshita Hindu Girl
Harva army warrior Old English Girl
Hasna beautiful Arabic Girl
Hattie Mistress of the Home Teutonic Girl
Hava life Hebrew Girl
Haya quick, light Japanese Girl
Hayden English Both
Haylee from the hay meadow Old English Girl
Hazel commander Old English Girl
Hea grace Korean Girl
Heather heather Old English Girl
Heba gift from God Hebrew Girl
Hedda war unknown Girl
Hedia voice of the Lord Hebrew Girl
Hedva joy Hebrew Girl
Heidi noble, kind German Girl
Helen bright one, torchlight Greek Girl
Helen, Helena Light Greek Girl
Helga holy, faithful Scandinavian Girl
Heli Finish Girl
Helki to touch Miwok Indian Girl
Heloise Famous in Battle Teutonic Girl
Hem Hindu Girl
Hema snow, himalayas Hindu Girl
Hemangi Hindu Girl
Hemangini Hindu Girl
Hemlata Hindu Girl
Heng Chinese Girl
Henka ruler of an estate Teutonic Girl
Henrietta ruler of the home Old German Girl
Hera Queen of the Gods Greek Girl
Hermelinda shield of power Spanish Girl
Herminia lady of the earth Spanish Girl
Hermione eloquence Girl
Herschell deer unknown Girl
Hesper evening star Greek Girl
Hester star unknown Girl
Hetal Hindu Girl
Hetty A Star Persian Girl
Hilary cheerful Latin Girl
Hilda protector Scandinavian Girl
Hina Hindu Girl
Hinda female deer Hindu Girl
Hisa long-lasting Japanese Girl
Holly plant with red berries, holly grove Old English Girl
Honey honey Old English Girl
Honna Greek Girl
Honora honor Latin Girl
Hope trust, faith English Girl
Hortense Gardener Latin Girl
Hoshi star Japanese Both
Huberta Bright Mind Teutonic Girl
Hue lily Vietnamese Girl
Huyana rain falling Native American Girl
Hyacinth hyacinth flower Greek Girl
Hye gracefulness unknown Girl
Hypatia highest Greek Girl