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Girl name ideas starting with I

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Name Meaning Origin Gender
Daba kind words, bee swarm Hebrew Girl
Dabria name of an angel Latin Girl
Dacey southerner Gaelic Girl
Dacia from dacia Latin Girl
Dacio from arcy French Girl
Dade unknown Both
Dae greatness Korean Girl
Dagmar joyous day, bright, joy of the Danes German Girl
Dagna a splendid day Old German Girl
Dagny day, brightness, new day, Dane's joy Norwegian Girl
Dai great Japanese Girl
Daisy day's eye, flower name Latin Girl
Dakin Danish Danish Girl
Dakota friend Native American Both
Daksha Hindu Girl
Dale valley Old Norse, English Both
Dalia a branch, to draw water Hebrew Girl
Dalila gentle Kenyan Girl
Damalis one who gentles Greek Girl
Damara gentle girl Greek Girl
Damaris heifer Greek, Hebrew Girl
Dame lady German Girl
Damini lightning Hindu Girl
Damita Little Princess Spanish Girl
Dana from Denmark, mother of the Gods in myths Swedish, Celtic Girl
Danica the morning star Slavic Girl
Daniela my judge is the Lord Hebrew Girl
Danielle Feminine of Daniel Hebrew Girl
Dannell Girl
Daphne laurel, bay tree, victory Greek Girl
Dara compassion, wisdom, angel of rains and rivers Hebrew, Persian Girl
Daralis beloved Old English Girl
Daray dark unknown Girl
Darby free man Gaelic Girl
Darcy dark Gaelic Girl
Daria queen Persian Girl
Darinka Slowenian Girl
Darlene tenderly beloved, little darling Anglo-Saxon Girl
Darra small great one, riches Gaelic, Farsi Girl
Dasha gift of god Greek Girl
Davan beloved one Hebrew Girl
Davida Feminie of David Hebrew Girl
Davine the loved Hebrew Girl
Dawn dawn Old English Girl
Daya bird Hebrew Girl
Dayla to draw water, branch or bough Hebrew Girl
Deanna presiding official, valley Latin Girl
Deborah a bee, to speak kind words Hebrew Girl
Decla goodness Gaelic Girl
Deena Hindu Girl
Deepali Hindu Girl
Deepika a little light Hindu Girl
Deepti Hindu Girl
Deianira wife of heracles Greek Girl
Deiene religious holiday Basque Girl
Deion Girl
Deirdre Sorrow Gaelic Girl
Deja before French Girl
Delaney descendant of the challenger Gaelic Girl
Delanna soft as wool Italian Girl
Delbin dolphin, flower name Greek Girl
Delia visible from delos Greek Girl
Delicia delightful one Latin Girl
Delilah delicate, amorous Hebrew Girl
Della of nobility Teutonic Girl
Delphine calmness Greek Girl
Dembe peace Ugandan Girl
Demelza fort on a hill Old English Girl
Demetria Goddess of Harvest Greek Girl
Demi half, small French Girl
Dena vindicated, valley Hebrew, Native American Girl
Denise of dionysus Greek Girl
Dep beautiful Vietnamese Girl
Desdemona ill-fated one, misery Greek Girl
Desiree so long hoped for, crave, desire Latin Girl
Despina Greek Girl
Desta happiness Ethiopian Girl
Destinee destiny French Girl
Destry war horse French Girl
Deva divine Sanskrit Girl
Devaki black, mother of Krishna Hindu Girl
Devi resides in heaven Hindu Girl
Devin poet Gaelic Both
Devnet poet Celtic Girl
Devon defender Old English Girl
Dharmista Hindu Girl
Diamanta like a diamond French Girl
Diana divine Latin Girl
Diana, Diane Virgin Goddes of the Moon Roman Mythology Girl
Dianthe divine flower Greek Girl
Diarria Greek Girl
Diella worships god Latin Girl
Dierdre young girl, one who rages, broken-hearted Celtic Girl
Dietlinde German Girl
Dieuwertje unknown Girl
Dikranouhi queen Armenian Girl
Dilek Turkish Girl
Dillian worshipped one Latin Girl
Dilys genuine Welsh Girl
Dinah vindicated, judgement Hebrew Girl
Dione Mother of Aphrodite Greek Mythology Girl
Dionne divine queen Greek Girl
Dirran Arabic Girl
Disa active spirit Norwegian Girl
Dita rich gift Czech Girl
Divya heavenly, brilliant Hindu Girl
Doe Dee Dee, Didi unknown Girl
Dolores lady of sorrows, from the virgin Mary Latin Girl
Dominga Sunday Spanish Girl
Dominica The Lord's Latin Girl
Dominique Belonging to God French Girl
Donata gift from god Italian Girl
Doneen Girl
Donna lady Italian Girl
Dooriya the sea English Girl
Dora gift Greek Girl
Doreen golden French Girl
Dori Golden-Haired French Girl
Doria place name Greek Girl
Dorinda gift of god, beautiful one Greek Girl
Doris a dorian woman, of the sea Greek Girl
Dorota God's gift Greek, Spanish Girl
Dorothy a gift of god Greek Girl
Dory golden-haired English Girl
Dreama joyous music Greek Girl
Drew sturdy, vision Old French, Greek Both
Drina helper and defender of mankind Spanish Girl
Drisana daughter of the sun Hindu Girl
Dristi sight, a form of the Devi Hindu Girl
Drucilla Dewey Eyes Greek Girl
Druti Hindu Girl
Dulcea Sweetness Latin Girl
Dulcinea sweet Spanish Girl
Durene Everlasting Latin Girl
Dustin valiant fighter, dark stone Old German, Old English Both
Dyani deer Native American Girl
Dymphna suitable one, virgin saint Gaelic Girl
Dyna powerful Greek Girl
Dysis sunset Greek Girl
Dysthe Greek Girl